Plumber Elizabeth Bay 5 Sewer Pipe Maintainance

Sewer pipes carry waste or used water from bathing, dish washing and laundry to the main sewage pipe. Definitely, no homeowner would ever want to experience clogging in these pipes because aside from it is costly, the wastes that it carries can also bring hazard to our family’s health. Sewer pipe clogging can be avoided if you pay much attention to their maintenance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your sewer pipes.

1. Drain enzyme cleaners once every month

This is the best and the simplest thing you can do to maintain your pipes. Many environmentalists and health specialists recommend the use of enzyme cleaners instead of chemical-based cleaners. The use of enzyme cleaners for commercial cleaning is best for your pipe’s safety, your family’s health and the environment too.

2. Keep away trees, bushes and other plants from sewer line

One thing that may cause clogging and destruction of your sewer pipes are the root intrusion coming from plants situated near your pipeline. To avoid root intrusion keep away huge trees away from your pipeline, or you can create barriers to avoid the tree roots from reaching your pipes and you can opt for “sewer-safe” bushes and shrubs as well.

3. Avoid flushing foreign objects

The only thing to be flushed in your toilet is human waste and wastewater. Hygiene products and sanitary napkins should be kept on trash cans for they are the main culprits of sewer pipe clogs. These objects may lead to more serious and costly sewer pipe issues.

4. Be mindful of what comes into your drain

Everything that comes into your drain passes through the sewer line. If you don’t dispose your kitchen garbage properly and let it fall in your drain, it can cause build ups within your sewer pipe and may cause clogging in the future. Avoid draining food leftovers and the excessive draining of grease and fat as they can cause sewer clogs.

5. Annual rooter maintenance

Perform rooter cleaning once every year for a clear sewer pipe. This will take away any debris and build up within your sewer pipe to avoid future clogs. If you often experience sewer clogs, you can perform rooter cleaning as often as you can.

By maintaining your sewer lines to avoid clogging will save your home from the stinky smell of sewage, your family from the health hazards it may bring and your pocket from the costly sewer pipe repairs. Love your home, your family and your plumbing system