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Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain

Lightning crashed and Tanya felt like the whole house was being electrified. The ground in Elizabeth Bay shook…

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Hot Water

Hot Water

Stella had been the manager of the childcare centre in Elizabeth Bay for almost 5 years…..

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Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Bill’s wife Deanna had been driving him made for ages to have garden lights installed in their front garden. …

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Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a quick and clean way to repair cracked and damaged pipes…

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Facts You Should Know!

Elizabeth Bay
Gorgeous Elizabeth Bay is situated on one of the most magnificent harbours in the world Sydney of course! Elizabeth Bay is part of the densest urban area in Australia it is well known for its beauty, close proximity to the Harbour and number of cafes providing an intimate village atmosphere.

Art Deco style flats were all the rage in the 1930s and there was a real boom in the area during this time. We are lucky that although there is some high-rise development, there are a significant number of the 1930 style flats that have been heritage-listed, preserving them for future generations.

If you notice that your home is suffering from reduced water pressure, it could be due to the fact that in the 1930’s, galvanised steel pipes were used in the construction of most homes. Although galvanised steel is durable, as water pipes it has a limited lifespan. The pipes can rust internally when the zinc coating breaks down which may cause reduced water pressure or blocked lines. These pipes can be renewed in PVC giving you clean flowing water again.

Plumbers Elizabeth Bay, helping to maintain and protect your piece of urban paradise

we offer many other plumbing services as part of our commitment
We can repair or replace your dripping taps
The repair or replacement of old or damaged toilets
Diverse gas services, especially the installation and repair of gas lines
Repairing or replacing hot water heater systems
The set up and repair of rainwater collection tanks
The replacement and repair of leaking pipes
Cleaning, relining, repair or replacement of sewer lines

The top 7 reasons why you should call us right now…

Our plumbers are guaranteed to arrive on time to take on plumbing problems of all sorts.

We value professionalism

Polite technicians who have been trained to do their jobs well



Great services with a guaranteed price for all of your plumbing needs


100% Quality Service

All of our work is guaranteed 100%


Emergency Services

Plumbers on standby 24/7 for plumbing emergencies


Cost Effective Services

We also check other plumbing fixtures throughout your home and advise you accordingly


Equipped and on-time

We have vehicles fully equipped with tools and stock for most plumbing jobs


Dedicated Professionals

Experts in blocked drains


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Plumber Elizabeth Bay saves a young couple money

Simon had just put his son to bed when he noticed what appeared to be a damp patch on the ceiling, directly under the bathroom. Charlotte hadn’t noticed it before either, he found out after asking her. It worried her, but it was late and it could probably wait till tomorrow.

The next morning Charlotte was on the phone to her local Elizabeth Bay plumber, explaining the damp patch. Simon would be home at around midday, and fortunately there was an available spot then! Just before 11, Simon had a call from the plumber to say that he would be there in half an hour. Just enough time for Simon to get home from work and let the plumber in!

Once the plumber had looked at the damp spot he advised Simon that tests would need to be done. They trekked upstairs and Simon watched as the plumber began testing the fixtures. He ran large amounts of water through the drains, then headed downstairs to check. Flood testing, he called it. The Plumber ran through the possible causes of the leak. But the testing didn’t show anything obvious. So back downstairs they headed. Simon agreed to let the plumber cut open the ceiling, and found a small crack in a pipe. The drip had been there for awhile, but had only recently become visible. Imagining they’d have to rip out the plumbing of the entire bathroom, Simon was relieved when the Plumber told him he could repair the problem that day, and even gave him the price! Simon agreed and watched as the plumber repaired the problem quite efficiently!

That evening, when Charlotte got home from picking their son up, the first thing she asked was about the leak. She, too, was surprised at how quickly the problem had been fixed!

If you would like a fast and efficient service from your local Elizabeth Bay plumber, call today on 0402 290 290!

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