Are most or all of the drains and toilets in your house are clogged? If so, then you have a delicate problem in your hands. The primary reason why this is happening is that the main sewer line is clogged. There are plenty of solutions to unclog the sewer line that you can find in the internet, but it’s also a great idea to consult a plumber. Also, leaving the problem as it is can lead to a more serious damage that involves thousands of dollars in repair. In any case, knowing the reasons why your sewer line is clogged can help you avert future clog problems.


1.Tree Roots are Ruining the Sewer Pipes

Trees in your backyard are always on the lookout for water. It just so happens that your sewer pipes have plenty of water that the tree needs. As nature takes its course, the roots begin to penetrate the linings of the pipes to gather more water. You probably know what happens next; the sewer line is blocked and the pipes are broken. What makes this a tricky issue is that you won’t be bothered looking at the sewer pipes until the clog and damage has already been done. An occasional sewer pipe inspection is a good solution for this problem. Also, practising proper tree siting can prevent tree root intrusions.

2.The Sewer Line is Just Old

This is something beyond your control since all pipelines are prone to age and damage. Indeed, there are sewer lines that last longer than the others, nevertheless, it will still corrode and sag when it ages. Because the sewer pipe is awfully aged, it won’t be able to operate well. In fact, it can even contribute to the blockade since its rusted parts will break off and accumulate. Again, an inspection is required to confirm this presumption.

3.Throwing Unnecessary Trash into the Garbage Disposal and Toilet

It’s quite a habit for homeowners to toss their multitude of trash into the toilet or garbage disposal. Apparently, this routine can actually cause the sewer line to clog. The list of items that shouldn’t be flushed down in the toilet is many. As a general rule, the toilet should only be reserved for flushing human waste and biodegradable toilet paper, as for the other forms of waste; it should be thrown properly in a garbage can or container. For the garbage disposal unit, avoid throwing food and ingredient waste that can barely fit into the drain. Just don’t force large objects into the garbage disposal. It can only cause blockage and damage to your unit.

4.Connecting Drainage Systems into the Sewer Line

Some homeowners think that it’s a good idea to link drains and sump pumps into the sewer line in order to solve their drainage woes. Apparently, this is illegal and can make the sewer line clog easily.