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Clogged sewer lines are easy to detect but only if you pay attention to the things that are connected to your pipelines. The good thing is sewer line blockage gives warning signs if they are not well-cared for by their owner. So, here are the 4 telltale signs of a clogged sewer line:

1. Incessant Water Backups

The foremost telltale sign of a clogged sewer line is the incessant backing up of water in your fixtures. If you notice that when you’re flushing your toilet and the water comes back up after several tries, you may have a problem in your sewer line. The toilet isn’t the only indication. Your kitchen sink, your garbage disposal and even your bathtub may show signs of a clogged sewer.If these circumstances appear, make sure to check your sewer line immediately for any damage. If the cause of the problem is serious, spare yourself from further damaging your sewage system. Call for help right away!

2. Slow Draining

Kitchen sink drains slowly? And your tub, too? My, my. If these fixtures don’t have debris and hairballs or other filthy things that can be found just in the surfaces then the problem is probably on the sewer line. Chances are the pipelines are already corroded or there’s a lime scale build up that causes the fixtures to drain slowly.

3. Awful Odour From Drains

No, that rotting smell is not from the dead rat somewhere inside the house. It’s the eggshells in the kitchen, either. That stinking smell came from the sewer line that is more likely clogged beyond comprehension. The horror! You have to get rid of that smell before your neighbour reports you of having a dead body stashed in your basement somewhere. Get rid of the odour immediately to get rid of that annoying neighbour.

4. Unusual Functions of Fixtures

If your fixtures are acting unusual, you might want to check why. If in case you are flushing the toilet and the water comes up in the bathtub or in the sink (gross!), you better remedy that immediately. Nothing is more gruesome than that. Now go and check those fixtures before any of these turn out to be more dreadful than overcooking sunny side up eggs. This is no funny matter, sewer line blockage may lead to serious matters if not remedied at once.