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Sewer drainage pipes often create havoc for property owners. Sewers back up and leak due to root intrusion, ground movement, and ageing lines, and these cost property owners so much per year in damage to landscaping and property structures.

Aside from costs and inconvenience, leaks and backups create health risks, like contamination from harmful bacteria and mould. Backups can also cause the overflowing of sewers, and when this happens, deadly waste spreads to waterways, beaches, and streets.

Fortunately, something can be done about sewer leaks and backups. The traditional way to fix these problems involves digging part of the lawn or backyard where the sewer pipe can be easily accessed, and then replacing or repairing it. This fix will cost a lot, requires so much time, and will create a mess in your property until it is done. But there is an alternative to this method, one that is growing in popularity among commercial and residential property owners: pipe relining.

What you should know about pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a process where we access damaged sewer pipes (without any digging involved) and insert linings into them to coat them. Below is a list of the steps involved in the process:

  • Identification of the problem
  • We will first check your sewer pipes with a camera so we see what is needed to fix the problem. We usually check out damaged pipe sections and any roots that might have penetrated the pipe and created obstructions in them.

  • Cleaning
  • Once we have checked out the sewer pipes, a hydro-jet will then be used to clean them in preparation for lining. The hydro-jet packs enough power to clean roots out.

  • Lining
  • Once a sewer pipes has been cleared of dirt, a lining will then be placed. Once a lining has been placed, we will then insert a calibration tube. This is inflated until we see that the lining sticks to the broken sewer pipe walls. We will then heat the lining to ensure that it sticks, and when it cures, we will then remove the calibration tube. Usually, a lining hardens in two to three hours.

  • Reassessing
  • We will insert the video camera again to check if we have sorted the problem out.

Why should you take advantage of pipe relining?

What makes pipe relining a service worth taking advantage of in the event of root intrusion and sewer backup? Here are the benefits to keep in mind:

    ✔ Stops leaks and prevents root penetration – The tough lining sticks to the wall of the original sewer pipe, literally creating a pipe in an existing pipe. This removes all likelihood of root intrusion in the future.

    ✔ Increases flow – The lining used in this service is smoother than most pipes. The material it is made of also prevents calcium from sticking to it, allowing waste water to flow freely.

    ✔ No excavation involved – Because there is no digging involved in this process, you do not have to worry about having to spend hundreds or thousands to get parts of your property fixed afterwards.

    ✔ The lining is durable – It can last over 50 years.

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