Plumber Elizabeth Bay Pros and Cons of  Tankless Water Heater

Most owners of conventional water heaters constantly have issues with its continuous energy consumption despite not using any hot water at all. This is because it’s the nature of the system of this particular water heater type. Because of this issue, many homeowners have switched to tankless heating systems and a lot of people are considering this. Here are some pros and cons of the tankless water heater.

The Pros


A usual water heater will generally last up to 10 or 13 years which isn’t bad at all, but if you don’t want to change your heating system every decade then perhaps a tankless water heater is what you’re looking for. You see, this heating system is much better than most water heaters in terms of longevity since it can last up to 20 years! Also, it doesn’t require much maintenance and cleaning since it obviously doesn’t have any tank. For a better long term investment for water heaters, you really should consider the tankless units.

Very Cost-Effective

As mentioned earlier in this article, a lot of people are now switching to tankless water heaters since it’s very efficient with its energy usage unlike most water heating systems available in the market today. You see, even if a tankless water heater remains idle, it doesn’t consume energy which is a total opposite for standard water heaters. With its on-demand technology, this water heater will only use energy if hot water is used. This is something that can benefit you in the long term since your energy bills will definitely become lower in the following months after it’s installed.

It Doesn’t Require Too Much Space

A lot of water heaters take a great amount of space in the room due to the large of the size tanks. There are some water heaters that can be customised for those households that don’t consume too much hot water but it can still occupy a significant space. As you might have guessed, a tankless system doesn’t have any tank which means it doesn’t require too much space. All of its primary components and system are compact and easily mounted on the walls of a room.


Upfront Cost is Expensive

A tankless water heater can have a price that is double the amount of a standard water heater. The long term benefits may be a great incentive but not everyone can immediately spend a lot of cash for a brand new water heater that is expensive, especially for those who are always on a tight budget.

Lower Production

The energy efficient benefit of tankless water heaters has a downside since the hot water production is lesser compared to a traditional heating system. Because it has a smaller capacity and design, it can only do the heating process one at a time. This basically means you won’t have sufficient hot water if you simultaneously do activities. Example: having a shower while someone is else is doing the laundry will limit the capabilities of tankless systems and leaving you with not enough hot water.