burst_pipeOne of the most significant steps to become a successful renter or homeowner is to recognize basic emergency plumbing solutions. Your joy to own a good home disappears when plumbing emergencies occur. The frustration of facing an emergency plumbing problem is more extreme if occupants inside the house are completely ignorant of where the control valves are situated or where the operation of plumbing system is. I agree that not all of us are given the gift of plumbing skills and not everyone can be plumbers. However, it is ideal for you to know the basics of plumbing system in your home, just in case emergency happens like a water line bursts that will flood your house and you were not able to immediately call for a plumber.

A broken water pipe is just one of the possible emergency plumbing problems to look for. Sewer backup, frozen pipes and clogged drains are also some of common emergency plumbing problems. A clogged drain stops or slows down the flow of water in the drainage system and may block the entire plumbing system to a halt where occupants are unable to use the water at any part of the house without facing an overflow of water. The key to avert plumbing issues is to recognize the basics of your plumbing systems and finally having the idea on the right thing to do during plumbing emergencies.

Managing water leak or broken pipe

It is important that you know where all of the shut-off valves that control the water supply to your appliances and utilities in the yard, basement, toilet, bathroom and kitchen is located. Inspect carefully your tubs, heating systems, water heaters, toilet pipe, kitchen sink and other appliances to know where the shutoff valve that supplies water is situated. Another very essential valve you should know the location is the main shutoff valve that supplies water for the entire house. You can ask your plumber anytime he works at your house if you don’t know where the stop valves are located. Getting this important information from a professional can boost your confidence when you need to deal an emergency broken pipe or water leak because you surely know what to turn off and where.

DIY solution for a broken pipe

Here are the things that you can do in controlling an emergency broken pipe before calling a plumber for help:

  1. Stop water from flowing to the location of the broken pipe by turning off each valve supplying water form leaky or broken pipe.
  2. You need to turn off the main valve that supply water for the entire house if you cannot find the shutoff valves for the water to stop flowing to the leaked pipe.
  3. However, you should open all faucets of cold water to entirely let out water in the whole system if shutting off valves will not immediately halt the flow of water.

You can control emergency plumbing issues due to a leaky or broken pipe if you just follow the steps being outlined above.