All types of plumbing fixtures can potentially rust as it’s always exposed to water. It’s impossible to get rid of rust with typical cleaning methods like scrubbing the stains or using dish soap. You need to use a specialised method that can eliminate the corrosion. Check out these methods on how to remove rust stains from your plumbing appliances.

Removing Toilet Rust Stains

The first thing you need to do is to boil a pot of water. While the water is still boiling, shut down the main water supply as preparation for your cleaning procedure. After that, flush the bowl so that there won’t be any water left. Fill the empty toilet with the boiling water. For the next step, you need an oxalic acid powder. Please be very careful in using with this type of powder as it is acidic and may cause harm to your skin.

Wear protective gloves and even wear an inhalator so that there won’t be any physical contact between you and the acid. Anyway, the next step is to add the oxalic powder into the boiling water. With this mixture, the stains will be gradually removed. The amazing benefit of using oxalic acid is that it doesn’t corrode the porcelain component of the toilet. In mixing the acid and water, always pour the water first and then add the acid. This is to avoid the acid from splashing everywhere and potentially hitting you.

One last thing before we move on to the next method, you should not use oxalic acid if you have a septic system in your house. The strong components of the acid can kill the bacteria that’s needed for the septic tank. Don’t worry; there are some other methods that won’t endanger your septic system.

Kitchen Rust

For this method, you still need oxalic acid and hot water. Dissolve the acid power into the water, but this time, add a bit of talc powder to create a pasty mixture. Apply this onto the rusty stains and leave it until it dries off. Remove the pasty solution and polish the surface.

Pumice Stone

This is recommended for those who don’t want to use oxalic acid. Pumice stones can be easily purchased at hardware stores and it’s very cheap. Also, it’s safe to use on porcelain surfaces. The application of pumice stone on rust stains is simple; wet the bar and just scrub it on the affected area until a paste-like substance sticks on the stains. After you’re done scrubbing, just rinse the surface to wash away the rust particles and pumice paste.

White Vinegar

A household item like white vinegar is actually an effective means to get rid of rust on your plumbing fixtures. Apply white vinegar onto the sponge and scrub it on the stains. Give it around 30 minutes before rinsing it off. If there are still traces of rust, repeat the process again. For a stronger mixture, add baking soda to the white vinegar.