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It’s important to familiarise yourself with the common causes of a blocked drain. By using this important information, you will know how to avoid causing a clogged drain. You’ll also be able to take the necessary actions to prevent the drains from getting it blocked again. We compiled a list of the common causes of a blocked drain.

1. Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.)

These sticky substances can envelop the drain lining and cause minor or major clogs. F.O.G.s commonly cause blockage in the kitchen drains since this is where the objects are flushed down. Oils and fats come from food but the raw oil condiments are usually flushed into the drains by most homeowners. F.O.G.s can easily pass through strainers so you need to be watchful what you drain down your kitchen sink. A lot of people assume there is no problem in flushing down F.O.G.s into the drains; however, this notion is far from the truth. These substances may be able to go through the drains with ease but it will harden and clog the drain line. This is why you should avoid flushing any form of oily liquid into the drains. Dispose these substances in a garbage can.

2. Hair build-up

One strand of hair will do nothing but once clumps of hair start collecting; it can slow down water going into the drains. This problem is more prevalent in the bathroom floor drains. The reason is is because it is where hair is likely to fall during showers. You should place a hair catcher to make it easier for you to collect fallen hair in the bathroom. Another tip which helps lessen the frequency of fallen hair is by brushing your hair before your enter the bath. In this way, the loose hair will already fall before you start showering. Be sure to remove the hair collected by the hair catcher. The hair catcher should also be cleaned to prevent residue build-up.

3. Tree roots and leaves

Leaves can block off water that’s entering the drain, especially drains outside your house that are intended for rain water. Leaves are more prevalent during autumn season. Be sure to keep the drains free from leaves, particularly during this time of the year. Tree roots can also become the cause of a drain blockage. These roots can either penetrate the pipe lining or enter via cracks in the pipeline. The roots will take more space in the pipe as it continues to grow. This will eventually block the sewer line as well as the drain line that’s connected to it.

4. Foreign items that are flushed into the toilet

The number one causes of a clogged toilet drain are the foreign items flushed into it. By foreign items we mean objects that aren’t supposed in the toilet in the first place. Wipes, tampons, cotton swabs, cotton, and other objects are usually flushed which shouldn’t be done. You mustn’t flush such items since they don’t decompose and just block the pipeline. Of course, plastics, toys, and other objects shouldn’t be flushed.