A garbage disposal is useful equipment for your kitchen sink as it shreds excess food so that it can easily go through the plumbing system. In order for this equipment to properly get rid of food waste and debris, it needs to be well-maintained. Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to keep your garbage disposal in good condition.

1. Clean the inner parts regularly

It’s natural for a garbage disposal to accumulate waste over time as it continually grinds food leftovers. These wastes can cause build-up and obstruct the drain pipes. This is why you need to regularly clean the garbage disposal. However, when you’re cleaning the device, be sure to avoid pouring chemical cleaners to unclog/clean it. Apparently, the acid and other corrosive ingredients from these cleaners can tarnish the inner components of the device.

You can just use a natural solution which is safer to use and easier to apply. The ingredients for this homemade mixture are very common; baking soda and vinegar. Pour each cup of these ingredients into the garbage disposal. Be sure to pour the baking soda first before the vinegar. Don’t just use any kind of vinegar; apply white vinegar since it has a more potent effect. There’s also a neat trick to sharpen the blades: simply drop tiny ice cubes into the drain. You can even add one cup of rock salt together with the cubes to make it even sharper.

2.Don’t put hard or fibre-like food

You might think that a garbage disposal can efficiently grind all types of food, but in reality, there are certain foods you shouldn’t put in it. Avoid placing seeds, bones, popcorn leftovers, and other seed-like foods since it tends to stick to the blade mechanism. Also, egg shells, onion skins, and fibrous food types must not enter the drain. The stuck seeds can wedge the blade and prevent it from spinning. Also, don’t place your hand into the disposal if you want to get rid of stuck food. However, if you really need to do it, be sure the power is turned off before proceeding with the hands on clean-up.

3.Use a Lot of Water when Running the Device

When the food is being shredded into pieces, it’s advisable to let cold water run into the pipes. The water flow can help carry unwanted food particles and debris into the drainage. After you have turned off the garbage disposal, leave the water running for around 10 to 20 seconds.

4. Don’t Put too Much Food Debris in the Disposal

A garbage disposal isn’t a dumper truck that you can just throw multitude of food waste. Draining heaps of food in quick succession will only clog the disposal as the blades won’t be able to keep up with the overwhelming amount of food leftovers. Be patient in throwing food into the disposal; place the food into the blades one at a time.