blocked drainWe can all agree that cleaning the toilet can be an unpleasant experience, but it’s necessary to have a sanitary bathroom. After all, having an unkempt toilet is the last thing you want when using the lavatory. Because cleansing and maintaining the toilet is undesirable and troublesome, most homeowners try their best to finish it as soon as it can. However, just like any cleaning job, you need to make sure that toilet is properly cleaned by dedicating time and effort. Check out the tips in the article on how to efficiently clean and maintain your toilet.

Necessary Preparations

Before proceeding with the cleaning operation, you need to wear appropriate equipment. One of the most overlooked aspects in sanitising toilets is wearing the gloves as safety. Also, don’t just use any type of glove, it’s recommended to use waterproof rubber gloves to protect your hands from bacteria. In storing the gloves, it’s a good idea to ensure that your bathroom-cleaning gloves have a different colour to your other cleaning gloves to avoid confusion. Lastly, store the bathroom gloves in a special storage, away from other cleaning products.

Brush with a Wet Sponge

Your initial action would be to scrub certain parts of the toilet with a sponge soaked with hot water. This is to loosen the grime build up and clean easy-to-remove stains. Major parts that should be cleaned include: the tank, bowl exterior, seat, and the lid. You should clean the inner bowl with the other methods below since a damp sponge will not be enough to remove its hard stains.

Overnight Solutions

There are plenty of overnight solutions for clearing the bowl of the toilet, one of which is using baking soda. Sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda into the bowl and leave it overnight. You do need to scrub the bowl the next morning. To make things clear, baking soda doesn’t possess germ-killing attributes, but it is effective in clearing out the stains and debris. Another overnight solution is borax. It’s not toxic unlike most toilet cleaners out there.

Toilet Cleaners

There are dozens of toilet cleaners that you can choose from, but you should use the ones with less or no harsh chemicals. Most formulated cleaners contain damaging chemicals that can eat away the linings of your toilet pipes. Notable parts of the toilet that you should spray or dab with the cleaners is the overall rims of the bowl–this part is usually overlooked.

The inner bowl rims are also the main area in which grime and waste buildup is copious since it’s often ignored when cleaning. After applying the toilet cleaner, leave it for a while before scrubbing, this is to allow the cleaner to properly sink into the surface of the toilet bowl. It’s best to use a high quality toilet brush to vigorously scrub the stains away. Be meticulous in removing the buildup present in the bowl.