bathroom odorDo you have a clogged drain or a drain with awful smell? Drains can be likened to mouths in which food begins to rot and produce bad smell if it gets caught in your drain. They sometimes release bad odours noting that they are specifically designed to flush away waste and water and keep gases from entering the house.

Clean your smelly drains before you go to the expense of hiring a plumber for drain cleaning services. Here are some simple remedies that you may try at home:

Deodorising the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal tends to grind up food into pieces that can be flushed easily through the drain system. There are instances when food particles are stuck in your mechanism and cause bad odours. Naturalise the garbage disposal in a natural way by tossing in citrus peel, allowing it to grind, then rinse through the system. Citrus helps remove the grease from the disposal and leave a pleasant scent to the trash.

Freshen Up the Sink Drain

You need not to invest in costly cleaners just to freshen up your sink as they may cause damage to the pipes. Prepare one cup of baking soda and pour it down into the drain you want to deodorize. Let it sit for half an hour then slowly pour boiling water into the drain so that the baking soda will be flushed away. Both baking soda and boiling water also clean the attached pipes in your system.

Use of Coarse Salt, Lemon Peels and Ice Cubes

Clean and clear disposal blades from gunky food items. Combine coarse salt, lemon and ice cubes to make a cleaning solution. The ice knocks off the food in the grinder while the salt helps scrub the sides of your drain. Repeat the flushing mechanism and ground up lemon peels to provide some freshness in the area.

Hot Vinegar

You may use hot vinegar to de-stink the drain. This helps keep your drain not only clean, but also good smelling.

Periodic Sprinkling of Baking Soda

Keep your drain smelling fresh by sprinkling baking soda into your drain in order to absorb the odours. Do this right after washing your dishes or once in a week.

Prevent Drains from Bad Smell

You can actually prevent awful smell from developing with extra care whenever you use your shower or sink. Hair is considered as a major contributor in problems associated with odours as it accumulates in your drain and traps the other particles. This problem can be avoided by using a strainer over your drains where you usually wash your hair.

Food items caught in the drain system also posed the risk of awful smell. You need to thoroughly scrape the particles from the dishes before washing them to get rid of the odours. Make sure that the drains are flushed with a lot of water to eliminate all the food particles found near the opening of your drain.

Keep your drains away from clogs and always make them smell fresh with the tips provided above.