No matter how diligent you are in cleaning or unclogging the drains in your house, problems are bound to happen. Sometimes you don’t have control over these things as other factors are involved. If there are severe complications with your drains then you can always hire an expert plumber to fix the problem. Doing the repair on your own is futile as the damage is something that experts are only capable of resolving. Here are some signs you need a professional plumber to repair your drain.

1.Slow Moving Drain

Most of the time a slow moving drain can be fixed with a plunger, but it’s not all the time that it can be resolved with this method. There are major obstructions that can’t be unclogged with homemade solutions or basic plumbing equipment since the source of the clog is located deeper into the drain pipe. A pipe blockade caused by the main sewer system is a serious and complex] problem which is difficult to unclog. Generally, clogs that remain even with extensive cleaning and unclogging methods are one of the few signs of sewage obstruction. Don’t take too much time trying to solve this on your own, call your local plumber immediately.

2.Basement Floods

Most houses have sump pumps installed in their basement which serves as a draining device. If there are floods in your basement then it’s clear that the drain system is not functioning well. The sump pump must be repaired as soon as possible, especially if it’s not functioning during rainy season. Flood waters doesn’t just drench your basement, it may also carry sewer waste along its path. You do need to call a plumber to help you drain out the water in your basement.

3.Drains Have a Nasty Odour

It may be food residues that are stuck in the garbage disposal or the drain itself so be sure to thoroughly clean the drain and remove any clogs present. You can also pour lemon extract to remove the stench. However, if the odour is still present even if you’ve already done the mentioned tips then it’s most likely that the plumbing system has a problem. It’s no use hiding the smell with air fresheners since it will just keep coming back. The foul odour won’t be eliminated until the source is taken care of.


Backflow occurs when the outflow or wastewater returns to the plumbing system of your house. As a result, discoloured or rancid odour comes out of the drain. The reason for backflows is that the pressure has become unbalanced which causes the wastewater to be redirected back to the inflow water system. Again, since this is a sewage and complicated problem, an expert plumber is needed. To prevent this from happening again, you need to install a backflow prevention device in your main water supply line. There are different types of prevention equipment but the plumber will know which one is best for your backflow problem.