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Each household has varied materials used for sewer lining. Some old houses that haven’t changed plumbing systems may still be using age-old sewer pipes that aren’t used today. Modern households use new and better materials for sewer pipes. We’re going to discuss or take a look at the various kinds of materials used for sewer pipe lining over the years.

  1. Cast Iron Pipes

The usage of cast iron for sewer pipes has been stopped in modern sewer pipe installation. There are still some old homes that use cast iron simply because the residents’ haven’t bothered changing their pipes (which is not recommended). Majority of cast iron pipes that were installed in homes in the past are very old by now. These pipes have already aged and are rusty. Cast iron isn’t really an awful type of pipe since it’s actually one of the toughest pipe materials ever used in sewer pipe installation. Cast iron is so durable that contractors confidently install them on areas that are always under high surface tension just like high-traffic roads, railways, etc. The major downside of cast iron is its low resistance to rusting and corrosion. Being a sturdy pipe material isn’t enough to have an optimum sewer system. You see, corrosion-resistance is another important feature that a sewer pipe must have. It’s no use having a strong and sturdy material that won’t last for many years since it can deteriorate easily.  

  1. Vitrified Clay Pipes (VCP)

Vitrified clay pipes are actually still used today unlike cast iron; although vitrified clay is a more modern and improved version than clay pipes that were used for old sewer pipe installations. VCP is a practical pipe material because it offers a lot of benefits. These clay pipes are corrosion-resistant and it obviously won’t have any problems with rusting since it doesn’t contain any metal. Another nice feature of VCP is that it can last for many years. It’s even estimated that this clay pipes has a lifetime of 100 functional years. Unfortunately, VCP isn’t the perfect sewer pipe material. One of the most common complaints with using VCP is that it can easily attract roots in the area — making it extremely prone to root intrusions in the backyard. VCP can be a bit more expensive than other pipe materials because it’s heavier. The problem with having a heavy pipe supply is that transportation is often difficult. The process of installing the pipes can also become time-consuming because it takes a lot of time to cut down VCP.

  1. Plastic Pipes (ABS and PVC)

Plastic pipes are now commonly used for modern sewer pipe installation. As expected of modern sewer pipe lining, plastic pipes are durable, corrosion-resistant, and is also able to fend off any type of root intrusions. There’s only one trouble with sewer plastic pipes and that is strength. We’re not saying that plastic pipes are incredibly weak. It’s just that there are pipe materials out there that can rival the strength of plastic pipes with ease.