Are you among the numerous homeowners who experienced sewerage leaks? Are you wondering what causes these leaks in your sewage lines? Well, you are not alone because there are lots of individuals out there who are in similar situation like you, especially those whose sewage pipe lines are not replaced yet or those whose properties are surrounded with big trees. For sure, you are also wondering as to how trees can damage your sewage pipes, right? If you are interested in knowing how roots can damage your sewer pipes and how to address this problem, then continue reading this article.

What is Root Intrusion?

Root intrusion is the penetration of roots in the sewer system. It is regarded as one of the most expensive and destructive problems that property owners experienced. There are numerous property owners who are surprised and confused as to why roots are found in the sewer systems. Yes, it is true that trees add shade and beauty to different outdoor landscapes but the roots can result to extensive damage to sewer pipes.

Why do roots grow into the sewerage pipes?

Roots intrude deep into the sewer pipes and they love dwelling in there because it contains the oxygen, nutrients and water they need to grow health. Studies show that the roots growing on residential properties, industrial spaces, and parkways are responsible for the numerous sewer pipe damages in our communities. As the roots of these trees grow and expand, they exert tremendous pressure to enter the sewer pipes, thereby resulting to cracks, holes or even worse, the collapse of the sewer pipes. Moreover, any sign of moisture leak from any sewer pipes will attract the intrusion of roots from the surrounding trees and plants. The roots will not only result to the damages on landscape spaces but it will also travel in far distances just simply to penetrate in the small hole on your sewer pipes. If left unchecked and unresolved, the roots will grow in tremendous size and can lead to pipe failure attributed to its movement in both the interior and exterior areas of the sewer pipes. Should you experience root intrusion, then the best move that you can take is to call pipe relining service providers right away.

How Pipe Relining Service Providers Can Help You?

These professionals will control the problem with the use of the pipe relining technology. These experts inspect first the damaged sewer pipes to determine the extent of damage as well as the location of the plants or trees from where the roots came from. They will clean the exterior areas of the pipes using certain root removal devices and apply chemicals inside the pipes to kill the intruding roots. Once the roots are removed and the interior and exterior areas of the pipes are cleaned, they will then apply epoxy resin to a liner, insert it inside the pipe and use pressure inversion method to turn the pipe-liner inside out. They will the bond the resin to the old pipe and left it unattended to dry for several hours. This process will produce a new pipe within the old sewage pipe. With it, you can now rehabilitated and durable sewer pipes.

If you are among the numerous men and women who experienced root intrusion, then call a dependable, experienced and accredited pipe relining service provider to resolve your problem!