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Pipe bursting is one of the few handful methods that are under trenchless pipe replacement procedures. Not to be confused with pipe rehabilitation which enhances the pipes and the old pipes are still in its original position, pipe replacement on the other hand requires the removal of the old pipes in order to place a new one. Another major difference between the two is that pipe replacement requires digging most of the time compared to rehabilitation where excavation rarely happens. Anyway, here are some important facts that should know about pipe bursting.

The Process of Pipe Bursting

The basic process of pipe bursting is done by cracking and tearing apart the new pipe by applying a strong force mechanism while also pulling in the new pipeline. In order for contractors to do this, they must first create at least two holes above the pipe that needs to be replaced. A cable is then planted into the holes; one end of the cable has a bursting head which is used to break the pipes while the other end has the new pipes attached to it. There will be a mechanism that will be used to generate the force needed for the bursting head to break through the pipes and to pull the new pipes along. The machinery used will entirely depend on what pipe bursting method is used. Speaking of pipe bursting methods, the next discussion will be about the varying pipe bursting procedures.

Pipe Bursting Types

  • Pneumatic bursting head

In this method, the force needed for the pipes to bursts is generated by a hammer device. The hammer mechanism is powered by compressed air which is brought by a hose. Pneumatic bursting is mostly applied for heavy soils and is ineffective in running sands.

  • Static Bursting Head

Contrary to pneumatic bursting, static bursting actually works quite well in sandy soils. It’s also ideal for pipelines that are crumbling or invaded by large and full-grown roots, making it a great option for replacing sewer pipes.

  • HDD bursting head

HDD bursting is effective in replacing pipes that are found in urban areas. What makes it highly efficient and practical for urbanised locations is because it really has a low excavation requirements thus, lowering the interruption. This method makes use of a HDD drill to get rid of the old pipes.

It has a lot of advantages:

Pipe bursting has the same perks with most trenchless pipe replacement procedures such as: low cost, lessens inconvenience brought by excavation, and has a faster processing time compared to open cut excavations that were popular in the past.

Not all plumbing companies do pipe bursting

You should know that not every plumbing in your area will be able to do pipe bursting. The method isn’t actually common compared to pipe rehabilitation methods. You may need to do a bit of research to find contractors or plumbers who are able to do pipe bursting in your location.