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For those of you who are experiencing plumbing problems such as multiple drains that are clogged and sewer backups then you’re having a sewer main line blockage or even a complete stoppage. There are a few reasons why your plumbing system is having such a clog, one of which is a tree root infestation. In a tree root infestation, it’s basically when the roots have entered into the sewer pipes and are blocking the pathway of the sewage waste. These roots need to be removed otherwise it will just keep growing and growing until your sewer line won’t be able to remove waste and your pipes will be heavily destroyed. Listed below are some way you can cut down or remove tree roots that have already invaded your sewer line.

Cutting machines

With roots, it’s logical to have a machine that will be able to cut down the tendrils. There are many equipment designed to chop down roots that are inside sewer pipes, but perhaps the most used and popular device for such procedures is a mechanical auger. The mechanical auger can also be attached with a rotating spiral modifier in order to become more effective in cutting down the roots. The spiral modifier usually has teeth-like saws that make it easier for the work to be done. However, using a mechanical auger might not cut all the roots in the pipeline, but you can just restart the cutting activity all over again in case there are spots that you have missed. In general, a mechanical auger or any other cutting machine intended for slicing roots are mainly good for trimming.

Copper sulphate and other herbicides

Copper sulphate and other chemicals can actually be applied to the soil or drains in order to kill off the roots. There is also a high probability that the roots won’t grow back and attack the affected area since it creates some sort of “toxic blanket “near the sewer pipeline. It’s very common for homeowners to pour herbicides into the drains or flush them down the toilet so that it will be able to directly take on the roots. You may need to avoid using this kind of method since the harsh chemical agents from the herbicides will definitely corrode the pipes. Unless your pipes are clay or asbestos cement which are highly resistant to chemical exposure. If you have pipes that are metal then you shouldn’t use pour chemicals down the drain since metallic materials are highly susceptible to rusting and corrosion.

Hydro Jets

Hydro jets are very expensive to rent so you might as well hire a plumber to do it to avoid rent cost and to have someone properly do the job. This machinery disperses an extremely powerful water pressure that will not only take out the roots but other clog-causing debris in the lining of the pipes such as grease, mud, garbage, and so much more. Standard hydro jets have 2,500 psi while others can reach as high as 4,000 psi.