plumberelizabethbay pipe impaired

Knowing if the sewer pipes are completely damaged can only be confirmed if it has undergone inspections by a legitimate plumber. Through the use of high tech camera pipes, the status of the sewer pipe’s structure will be revealed. However, there are actually hints that the sewer line has become heavily impaired, continue reading the article to learn more about these hints.

Clogs never seem to end

For most homeowners, clogs are just another plumbing problem that happens in any home, even if the household has proper preventive maintenance. After all, the common reasons why there are clogs in drains is because of the accumulation of various objects such as soap residue, hair, oils, grease, etc. But of course, these clogs can be cleared out with the proper tools and techniques. However, if the clogs are still existent after you have meticulously cleaned and remove the obstructions in the drains, then it may be that there is an underlying issue with the sewer pipes. A damaged sewer pipeline may be causing the drains to malfunction and clog.

Sewer odours

Sewer odours indicate that the sewer pipes may have collapsed or completely stopped since the only way the sewage smell has surfaced is because of accumulated sewage waste. Most sewer systems and pipes have airtight systems and continuous wastewater flow, which should definitely halt any occurrence of sewer smells. However, if the sewer line fails then it’s likely that sewer odours will surface to your household. If you smell sewer odours, have your sewer pipes examined as soon as possible.

Mould growth

Another hint that your sewer pipes are collapsing is the rapid growth of moulds. Leaks coming from your pipes will cause liquid dispersals. As some of you might know, moulds love to thrive in areas that have plenty of moisture. If your sewer pipes are damaged and are continually leaking out water then moulds will grow in the area near the damaged pipeline. The sudden or increasing appearance of moulds on areas of your household that are supposedly dry shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be addressed immediately. You should also be aware that mould or mildew tend to be toxic and must be stopped from developing. Eliminating the moulds will just be a temporary solution; you must get rid of the source which is most likely the leaking pipeline. Sometimes moulds will not appear but wet spots instead, so you should also be wary of these occurrences.

Swarm of sewer insects

It’s not just the possible wastewater leakage that you should consider with cracked sewer pipes but the sewer insects as well. The most common family of insects found in the sewer pipeline include cockroaches, sewer flies, and palmetto bugs. Small cracks in the sewer pipe are enough for these insects to go through and swarm your household. Insects have an easier time going out of sewer pipe cracks than rodents, but if you noticed both insects and rodents have become more prevalent in your household, then your sewer pipeline definitely has cracks.