Plumberelizabethbay Pipe leakage

A lot of people often just ignore and forsake their sewer system until some major plumbing emergency occurs and they’re forced to recognise the need for sewer maintenance. After all, your entire household is reliant with the sewer system in dealing and getting rid of all the wastes your drain in your plumbing. In most cases, it’s the damaged sewer pipes that are causing the problems. Being aware of the hints that your pipes are severely damaged or starting to get deteriorated will allow you to take action even before some great problem happens.

1. Moisture inside and outside your house and mould growth everywhere

If you see in any wet spots in your living room, bedroom, or any other area that’s supposed to be dry then you need to be suspicious of leaks. It doesn’t matter if the leaks are from your water line or the sewer line, it’s a problem that must be checked and fixed immediately. Most of the time, these wet spots are paired with mould growth and odours. It makes perfect sense since moulds are a fan of moisture and treat it as their growing area. If there is a sudden occurrence of moulds then it’s most likely that there is a leak near that area.

There are still signs of water leaks that you can find outside of your house. Drenched ground patches without any rain for days or even weeks means that the pipes underground are leaking. Sudden appearances of green patches are also another sign. The pipes underground are very susceptible to root attacks if it has leaks or cracks since tree or shrub roots are very keen in looking for water sources underground. Have your pipes checked and get it fixed if necessary.

2. Sewer backups and clogged drains in your household

It can be quite confusing to determine if the clogged drain is caused by the sewer main line or just obstructions in the drain pipes. The key point in knowing if it’s sewer clog is that there is more than one clogged drain in your entire household. Furthermore, sewer backups are also an indicator that the pipes are either severely damaged or very clogged. A massive formation of clog must have blocked the sewer pipe hole and is forcing the wastewater back to the drain. Collapsed sewer pipeline is also a high probability. If you suspect that your pipes are blocked or broken then you need to have it inspected by a qualified plumber. They will be able to place a CCTV camera down the sewer pipeline and visually examine the wreck.

3. Sewer smells and pests

This is really an obvious hint that your pipes are damaged since the only way a sewer smell will be present is if there is a massive crack in the sewer pipes, exposing all the sewer waste in it. Another possibility would be that the sewer waste is amassing due to the blockage and is producing a rotting and nauseating smell.