pipe-relining-performNowadays, most homeowners, plumbing companies and property managers in Sydney rely on pipe relining or no-dig technology to repair and reline their sewer and drain pipes. Pipe relining is the fastest, cost-effective method of repairing your sewer or drain without the need for destructive and costly digging of your damaged pipes. Pipe relining will continue to play a vital role in the draining and plumbing sector although it can never completely replace the traditional drainage excavation and replacement.

  • Root Intrusion

The most destructive problem homeowners could probably encounter is root intrusion, which causes storm-water drain and blocked drainage. Usually, the trouble starts when root intrusion occurs in the joints or seams of the pipes. The roots can get bigger as they grow and will hang like a curtain or veil inside the pipe, enabling them to act like a filter for solids that pass. They also extract minerals from the solids and water they catch. Root intrusion can get more complicated if left uncontrolled over time. The pipes will begin holding water as roots and debris continues to obstruct them. Root intrusion problem can be address through pipe relining method in order to rehabilitate or repair the pipe permanently. Pipe relining can restore structural integrity, prevent exfiltration and infiltration, and remove joints that can cause root intrusion.

  • Maintenance

It is important to cut and control tree roots in your drain or sewer. You may call a plumber to clear your pipe once a year. A plumber will run cutters through your pipe to eliminate the bulk of roots and debris that cause obstruction to your pipes.  The latest technology used to cut and remove tree roots from within your pipe is the high-pressure water-jetting equipment combined with a CCTV camera.

  • Advantages of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining can improve hydraulic capacity due to smooth surface, protect from pinhole leaks or corrosion, and prevent further displacement. It can also keep your landscape, driveways and patios from destruction because this method does not require excavation, thereby eliminating any potential disruption or interruption to personal life or business. Pipe relining is also cost-effective with life expectancy of 50 years.

  • Pipe Relining Process

The pipes must be cleaned and all tree roots must be removed before prior to pipe relining using water-jetting equipment, cleaning nozzles and pipe cleaning equipment like the electric eel. The part of the pipe that needs to be relined is inspected with a CCTV camera to check whether it was completely cleaned as well as measure the section to determine the liner length and amount of resin that needs to be utilized. The delivery system will be removed from the pipe after the liner has been cured, leaving a durable, and seamless pipe liner.

Stop wasting your savings for costly, temporary pipe repair to put an end to your blocked sewer lines or drains. Be smart! Have it fixed by a trusted pipe relining expert in your area!