Sewer pipes carry used water from sinks, toilets and bathrooms. And most of us hate the idea of sewer pipe blockage. Who would ever like the idea of sewage back-ups? Like all the waste and used water are rushing back to your home? That’s ridiculous! The first step to avoid this thing to happen on our sewage pipes is to know the things that cause it to occur. Here are the things that you need to keep out from going down the drain and into your water system to avoid sewage pipe blocks.

1. Grease and Fat

Just like humans, our veins and arteries get easily clogged with the constant intake of greasy and fatty foods which causes high blood pressure. This applies to sewage pipes as well. When you constantly wash off grease and fats from your plates, this drains to your sewage pipes but sticks on the pipe’s interior walls. When done constantly, grease and fat build-ups can cause to blockage and sewage back-ups.

2. Foreign Object

Sewage pipes carry waste and used water, but not solid waste. The intrusion of foreign objects such as baby diapers, toiletries, hairs, and leaves will choke the sewage pipe and are major culprits to sewage blockage. These should be kept away from the drainage to avoid further problem and trouble.

3. Root Invasion

Sewer pipes are apparently buried and there is the possible presence of roots, our pipe intruders. Root intrusion does not only block our sewer pipes but destroys our pipe walls as well. When root intruders partially block our sewage pipes, this will result to slow water void, but when the root will form root balls that block the passage of water within your pipes, that will result to total sewer pipe blockage.

4. Sewer line sags

For most deteriorated pipes, most of them become delicate. Cast iron pipes may rust, break even collapse. Pipes’ capabilities lessen over time. On cold seasons, frozen waters are basically the reason to break the pipe walls, it these ice particles stay on the broken are, this will cause blockage and sewer backups. Destroyed walls should be repaired or relined to give it maximum protection over root intrusion.

5. Illegal Pipeline Connections

Homeowners should refrain from connecting any pipe to the mainline. Pipes from yards and gardens will carry mud and soil particles to the main pipelines, resulting to soil and mud build-ups on the interior main pipe walls, causing blockage not only on your own sewer pipes but to your neighbouring houses too.

Taking care your home means taking extra good care of your plumbing system. This will not only take you away from plumbing problems and expensive repair procedure but it will give value to your homes as well.