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Repairing or replacing the sewer pipes in your household even before the threat of a sewer system failure can certainly avert any disastrous plumbing issues. Having an inspection will definitely help evaluate the current condition of the pipes. There are some indications that the sewer line is nearing its destruction and must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Check them out below.

1. Horrid odour and the increased number of pests in your home

There are certain smells that come from a clogged drain, but the horrid odour of a blocked sewer line is beyond awful. It’s like your house has become a suburban version of a sewage waste plant. Eliminating the odour with the use of scented sprays is really fruitless since it will just keep coming back. The only way to get rid of the putrid stink is to clear out the blocked sewer line. Furthermore, an obvious sign that the sewer line in your household is damaged and leaking is when pests like cockroaches and rats seem to be increasing their presence in your vicinity or just suddenly appear. It’s important to take note that such pests are lured by the raw sewage waste which your home sewer line may be harbouring.

2. The water level of the toilet is erratic and has a lot of problems

It’s no surprise that the toilet has issues when a sewer line is clogging or damaged since it’s directly connected to the sewer system. An irregular water level might be something more than just a malfunctioning component of the toilet since it can be one of the early signs of a broken sewage system. Aside from that, there are also other indicators of a sewer line issue by observing abnormalities of the toilet such as; slow flush, water overflow, sewage backup, gurgling noise, etc. Get your sewer line inspected once you noticed that the toilet has dozens of problems.

3. Drains take forever to filter the water

Your first presumption when having a slow-moving drain is that there are residue, waste, and other objects that are obstructing the drain holes. However, if you just cleaned and unclogged the drain perfectly and yet there is still a blockage, then it only means that your sewer lines is probably destroyed or have a major blockage. You should be even more cautious of sewer pipe impairment if the water is actually dispersing back from the drain. Using chemical drain cleaning products should not be practised during these situations since it will only make it worse.

4. Plumbing issues that are way too numerous

It’s unlikely that you will be experiencing numerous plumbing problems all at once, unless a dysfunctional sewer line is causing all of this. Overflowing toilet, slow drain, sewage backup, and other severe plumbing emergencies means that your sewer system is most likely having trouble. In some cases, the sewer line is blocked entirely which renders your whole plumbing system useless and prone to sewer backup.