hot water installationMalfunction in your water heater caused by leaks can be very annoying, especially when it’s winter. For this reason, a leaking hot water system needs to be dealt with immediately to identify the real cause and the necessary repair. Heater leaks may come from different areas for various reasons and need to be diagnosed and then repaired by the licensed plumbers. Leaking water heater may cause more damage to your health and home, whether its design is for electric or gas. Even a slow leak may eventually damage your floors and sub-floors and then promote mildew and mould growth.

Water Tank Leak Inspection

Start preparing for a replacement of your water tank if you noticed water on the floor just beneath the unit. Repair is not actually an option when you have a leaking tank, as it would likely cost you more than its replacement with a new warranty. Make certain where the leak originates. There are actually a lot of sources of the hot water system leak in your heater. So before sending it to the scrapyard, consider the following first:

  • Inspect all your plumbing connections to and from your heating system.
  • Know whether the T&P valve is not the root cause.
  • The leak could be a normal case if it is new.
  • Check for sweat at the outer shell of the unit that may drip to the floor.

Dripping of New Water Heater to Water for Days

If you notice dampness or water on the floor after a day or two of the installation, it is just normal because the unit sits in storage to look for new home, collect humidity in its insulated lining. The humidity is oftentimes released as soon as the tank is already installed, filed-up and heated up. An explanation for this is that the gravity pulls the humidity towards the floor and then leads to the new owner. If the dampness still occurs after several days, the tank may have been unwell.

Repair of Plumbing Connections

You can fix a leak in connection such as threaded fittings that should be sealed with the application of Teflon tape. There are soldered fittings that may leak and a lot of people are incapable of re-soldering these sections. The push fittings are less expensive when compared to the solder fittings and it can be removed. Contact a plumber if the fixture requires more than your capability.

Replacement of Hot Water Tank

If the tank is leaking, you may have to direct the leaking water’s path towards your drain to contain possible mess. Turn the temperature on your tank down. High temperature may increase the losing amount of water through a leak in certain time. Water tank replacement can be simple and several homeowners prefer to do this for improvement. Also, consider the electricity or gas involved in the heating process for your tank.

Leaks in your tank can be a cause of annoyance or inconvenience at home, which is why proper ways on how to handle it should always be a priority for you.