If you plan to purchase a new water heater or just want to replace your old one, then you need to know what type will fit your needs. There are a few kinds of water heaters out there, each of these equipment having unique features and can be beneficial for the right household. It may be confusing at first due to the variety of options, but hopefully this article will help guide you on what type of water heater is best for you.


Traditional Water Heaters

This is a traditional water heater tank that can carry around 30 to 80 gallons of warm water. You can fuel this fixture with natural gas, electricity, oil, or liquid propane. It continually heats water all the time as part of its operation, which can be discouraging for those who want to lessen their energy usage. After all, the more a water heater consumes energy, the greater the utility bills. The upside with this type is that hot water is always ready.

You can choose from a wide range of tank sizes. The small tanks are best for those who are living alone or in a small household while the bigger tanks are obviously for those who have a large family. Maintenance is pretty standard such as draining the tank twice each year and making sure the pressure relief valve is in good condition.


Solar Water Heater

As you might expect, this runs on a free energy source which is the sun. Most people think that a solar water heater can only be installed on the roof, but it can also be placed in the backyard. It’s highly advantageous if you live in a country where you experience long sunny season.

You can still enjoy using this type of appliance in cold regions; you just need to purchase a solar water heater that has an indirect circulation system. This type of solar water heater is perfect for those who are living in cold climates since it has an antifreeze solution to keep the equipment running under cold weather. It usually lasts for around 15 to 20 years and can be easily maintained by the homeowner.


Tankless Water Heater

Perhaps the tankless water heater is slowly overthrowing traditional units as the most popular household heating system. Its rise to popularity is all thanks to its energy-saving feature. Tankless systems only heat water when needed unlike the traditional units that heat water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another advantage is that it doesn’t require extensive cleaning and maintenance since you don’t have to worry about the tanks since it doesn’t have one.

However, tankless water heaters are far from perfect. It has a very low flow rate which means you can’t do simultaneous water activities. For example, you can take a warm shower but you won’t be able to have hot water laundry. Basically, the usage is limited. Some homeowners counteract this problem by installing more than one tankless water heaters. Also, this equipment is very expensive, but it can last longer as its life expectancy is more than 20 years compared to standard models which can only last 15-20 years.