Plumberelizabethbay Tankless Water Heaters

Is your water heater old or too damaged that needs to be replaced? If so, then you’re probably prospecting for a new water heating system. You may have noticed the popularity of the tankless water heater among many home owners. Before you rashly buy this trending heating system you first know some things so that you won’t regret your purchase and have a water heater that’s best suited to your needs.

The benefits of a tankless system

It’s not a surprise that many homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters. After all, it has a lot of benefits including:

Energy-saving features

What makes a tankless water heater far more efficient than your standard water heating system with its energy usage? The thing is that a standard water heating system will consistently consume energy ―— 24 hours a day ―— because of its intended design to have a steady supply of hot water. Basically you’re just wasting energy since the water heating system is still heating water despite you not using any hot water at all. A tankless water heater system outclasses conventional units in terms of energy efficiency simply because it only uses energy when dispersing hot water. The on-demand tech of a tankless water heating system certainly helps in saving from your monthly energy cost.

It can last for a very long time

Another benefit of a tankless heating system is its very long lifespan. A typical water heater can last for only 10-12 years while a standard tankless water heating system is able to become fully-functional for 20 years. By the average; a tankless water heater can last twice than a conventional water heating system.

Little maintenance

One of the reasons why standard water heaters don’t last for a long time is because of the lack of the maintenance. It can be tedious to maintain a standard storage type due to its tank. You need to do certain upkeep like descaling the bottom of the storage tank, replacing the anode rod, maintaining the fittings, etc. As what you might have already guessed: tankless systems don’t need too much maintenance because it certainly doesn’t have any tank. An added bonus when installing a tankless water heater is that it can save you space since you can just mount it on a wall.

Reconsider buying a tankless system if:

You don’t have enough money for the initial cost and installation
-tankless water heaters are widely known for being a very expensive type of house appliance, especially with the cost for its installation and components. If you find it too difficult to find money for this water heating system then you should just use a storage water heater for a while and optimise and make it energy-efficient.

Your household uses hot water together

-A true limitation of a tankless water heater is that it can’t accommodate simultaneous usage of plumbing fixtures that use hot water. You won’t get a great hot water if someone is using hot water for laundry while another one in your household is using hot water for a shower. Furthermore, if you have a large family then a tankless water heating system will most likely don’t have the capacity to supply hot water for everyone due to its limited size.