hot-water rhainaiWith the on-going dilemma about global climate change, it is best for us to contribute in helping to protect our environment. Currently, there are a lot of sustainable plumbing systems available in the market. One of the best examples is a solar hot water system.

A solar hot water system acts by converting sunlight into renewable energy to heat water. This system can significantly reduce your heating bill by up to 80 per cent. Other advantages of using this type of hot water system are detailed below:

  • Provides up to 80 per cent of your annual hot water needs – if you are able to set up the right kind of solar hot water heating system and the correct equipment’s associated for its set up, then you can experience having 80 per cent of your annual hot water needs being supplied by the solar hot water heating system.
  • Less dependent on your local utility company – our utility rates have raised up about 6.5 per cent annually for over the last 30 years. This system helps us to be more independent from our utility company.
  • Simple installation – one of the most important advantages for this is that it is extremely very simple and hassle free installation. You just actually need to have a panel to be installed at your rooftop for at least 1-2 pieces of it and the panels installed will just take at least 40 to 50 square feet of your roof space. If you compare it with solar electric which can take for about 400 to 500 square feet of your roof space. Most of the installation will only take a day or 2 days to be completed and operational. This system is easy to install and can be used immediately after installation.
  • Adds value to your home – this system makes your home green with environment friendly system, adds up efficiency which in return adds more value to your home and thus making your home more appealing and more comfortable to stay and live with.
  • Local Rebates and Tax credits – one of the greatest advantage of using this system is that there are a lot of local incentives out there that will be given to you. The types of incentives that you can get are the local rebates and there are also federal tax incentives given to really get the initial cost go down to make it more affordable for you and your families.

Making use of the resources that are actually available in our environment not just helps us in making our lives simpler but enables us to contribute as well in taking good care of our precious environment. If you wanted to have a solar hot water system be installed at your home do not hesitate to call any licensed plumbing company to help you out in having this system set up for you.