Plumberelizabethbay solar water heater

A Solar Water Heater is a variation of water heater. This kind of water heater is one of the most energy-saving while being efficient in its job. Solar water heaters are made for that purpose. It caters to the effectiveness of heating the water without causing much hassle. This is because the main energy source of this type of water heater is sun light. Aside from the water heater being eco-friendly and highly efficient, it also gives a low invoice because of the type of energy source is free. Here are other parts that you should know about a solar water heater:

1. Solar Collector

This fixture is responsible for gathering and storing the heat produced by the sun. Because this is the main source of energy to be used by the machine for the entire process of water heating, it is important that there should be a vast amount of sunlight collected for water heating. This equipment is usually located on top of roof decks and roof. Basically, anywhere that is directly hit by sunlight is a good place to install this equipment.

2. Heat Exchanger

This equipment is connected directly to a pipe that is in turn attached to the solar connector. This is found inside the water heater storage tank and is responsible in transforming the sunlight into heating used to insulate the water inside the tank so that when the tap opens, hot water is readily provided. This fixture usually contains an anti-freeze mechanism especially when the residence is located in a cold region.

3. Hot Water Storage Tank

This equipment stands as a storage tank for water to be heated. The tank is provided with cold water from the bottom of the storage tank which is continually heated through heating coils situated at the bottom of the tank. The size of the water tank will affect the heating time as well as the amount of energy used. The size of the water tank should be dependent on the number of people that will use the water heater.

4. Temperature Sensors

This equipment is placed inside the solar water heater to control the temperature of the water. This communicates with the solar controller module. This keeps the temperature of the water inside the tank under control. This tool is also responsible in keeping the temperature from fluctuating.

5. Solar Control Module

This panel controls circulation of the water between the solar connectors and water tank. When the temperature reaches the desired level, circulation will be cut off when needed and brought back together if needed.

6. Circular Pump

This device moves water from the storage tank into the solar connectors and finally through the tap after it is being insulated. No circulation takes place if the temperature is not enough for what is in demand. The circular pump is the device responsible for getting the hot water into the pipes from the water tank. This tool is often situated inside the water heater tank.