Owning a water heater is a great and welcome addition to your home. Imagine the torture of taking a cold shower or to use icy water around the house during the winter. The convenience of having a water heater could not be denied but despite that, there are also drawbacks and the most common of it is energy consumption.

As professionals, we are aware of the fact that many homeowners like you are mindful of the monthly bills that you need to pay. A water heater consumes too much energy which means a large amount in your monthly bill. We are suggesting five simple steps that you can do to save money but still enjoy the benefits of your water heater:

Take brief showers and less long baths.

Are you one of those who believe that a bath is a more efficient way of using water? It may not be the case especially if you have a huge bath tub. You may actually be wasting more water since you would be compelled to fill the tub. On the other hand, taking a short shower could actually reduce your water consumption since it is quicker and there is no need for you to add more hot water.

Consider replacing old water heater models with more updated ones.

Like many things, it is expected that older models are not as efficient as their newer counterparts. Instead of spending a lot on your bill because of an inefficient machine, invest on a newer one that will give you more options and efficiency.

Use cold water for washing and laundry.

It is tempting to use hot water on virtually everything but remember that there are things that you can use the cold water to. For laundry, you can use cold water for the rinse cycle and your dishwasher can use the booster heater instead of you using the water from the water heater.

Insulate the water heater tank.

Insulation is one of the best ways to keep the temperature of water at the ideal even when you have already turned off the heater. With this, you can keep using hot water for different purposes for a much longer time without having to run the water heater again.

Conduct regular checkup or maintenance of your hot water system.

It may just seem that your water heater is fine but you may not notice that there are already minor defects that need immediate attention. If not properly attended to, the water heater may become severely damaged and stop working. When professionals look after your unit, you can look forward to using your machine for a longer time.

These are just five simple things that you can do not only to cut off the energy consumption of your water heater but to also keep it longer for a longer time. Through these steps you are able to save money in your monthly bill.