Plumberelizabethbay Water Heater

Your current water heater will need to be replaced with a new one eventually. Some of you may be clinging to a heating unit that’s old. It’s not advisable to keep using an aged appliance because it can create many problems. Here are some signs that your water heater isn’t going to last long. You should start looking for a new water heater if you noticed these indications
1. Water formation near the water heater

The only reason why there is water near your heating system is because of leaks. It could be that it’s from a leaking pipe, but most likely, the leaks came from the water heater. A massive leak from the unit means there is a serious problem. Large damaged gaps and holes at the bottom of the tank are caused by sediment accumulation. Another possible reason for the leaks would be impaired unit fittings. The water heater may still be repaired and put to use if the leaks aren’t that big of a deal. But it’s not going to last long if the leaks are severe. Hire a plumbing or water heater specialist to examine your water heating system.
2. The components have become noisier

If you hear rumbling noises from the tank then it means there is too much sediment in it. The sediments react to the increased temperature produced by water heater. This is not a problem that should be left alone since it can produce detrimental effects. The longer the sediment sits in the tank storage; the more damage it will do. The damage dealt by sediments also affects the plumbing system connected to the unit. Your water heater will need to use up more energy since the sediment is “stealing’ the heat produced.
3. The heating system always produces rusty water

There are two possible reasons why the water heater is dispersing rusty water. It could be that the anode rod has already corroded or the components itself are already rusting. The anode rod isn’t really a problem since it can be just replaced. The bigger problem is with the rusty components. It’s impossible to make use of a water heater that’s heavily corroded. The water heater will just become more impaired if it continues to be used while it’s rusting.

4. Your water heater is just plain old

As mentioned earlier, it’s not a good idea to keep using an old heating system. It’s more prone to damage and using it is just pure hassle. All water heater types have an estimate on how long it can remain functional. Some types lasts a lot longer than standard units. For example: tankless water heaters can be used for 20 years. Other systems only reach 10-12 years. If your water heater has exceeded its intended years of usage then you need to replace it no matter what. You can usually find the serial number and date of its manufacturing date at the top portion. Other manufacturers place it in other parts.