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Technological advancements have taken its place in all aspects of our lives for convenience and accessibility. That includes the convenience offered by most home appliance, including water heaters. Upon the selection of a new hot water system to be installed at home, be wise. Consider not only the cost of the appliance but its unique attributes and peculiarity as well. How efficient a water heater is and its capacity to contain enough hot water for your family should be first on your list and are the things you should never miss. Here are some of the factors to be considered when choosing a water heater.

  • SIZE

This is to be considered in the first place. Be able to choose one which can provide enough hot water your family needs.


The fuel type of a water heater can affect the cost of water heater’s annual operations as well as the efficiency of water heating process. This is effective in helping you narrow your water heater choices. Here is a list of water heater energy sources.

  • Electricityis the widely used energy source nowadays. Most water heater are powered by current and makes use of electricity.

  • Fuel oilsome water heaters generates heat with the use of fuel oil, this makes use of any liquid petroleum product to be burned in a broiler or furnace for the generation of power.

  • Geothermal energymakes use of the heat that comes from beneath the earth’s surface even to the liquid core of the earth which has extremely high temperatures.

  • Natural gascontains methane used for fuel and the composition of organic compounds. Is formed through hydrocarbon mixtures usually taking place beneath the earth’s surface.

  • Propanethis is commonly used as bottled fuel. This appears colourless and is flammable. This kind of energy source is commonly present in natural gases.

  • Solar energythis makes great use of the radiations coming from the sun and is and eco-friendly source of energy.


Before purchasing a water heater, know how efficient it is. It is a major advantage when your water heater gives you a satisfactory service without causing too much energy loss and can even help save your hard-earned dollars.


It is an advantage to purchase less costly water heaters with high efficiency. In acquiring a water heater, do not only consider its price but its performance as well. Do not hesitate to spend your money in exchange to a good service.