plumberelizabethbay storage water heater

Our water heater provides us hot water everyday.  On the other hand, if you are planning to purchase another one and you want to try to use another type of it, it would best to research about the various features of a certain heater. Also, you have to make sure that the quality of the unit reaches your standard. In choosing a water heater for your household, you have to consider the size of your family, energy source, the quality and your budget.

So to help with your research, here are the 3 common heaters available in the market:

  1. Storage water heater

This kind of heater provides at least 20-80 gallons of heated water. Also, along with the heater is an insulated tank used to stashed the heated water. Typically, the unit is powered through the of electricity, liquid propane or natural gas models. Furthermore, when you opt for natural gas and liquid propane is that it’s cheaper and it only needs less electricity. Like any other amenity, storage water heater has also its setback. This kind of heater creates heat loss. This because the water is continually heater within the tank. This also means that there is wasted energy even if you are not consuming the water.

  1. Solar water heater

Unlike other types of heater, solar water heater gets energy from the sun in order to heat the needed water. In the market, there two known kinds of the solar water heater; the passive hot water heater system and the active solar hot water heater system. The two types are different because of the passive system when operating, has neither controls nor pumps. On the other hand, the active system has its own circulating pumps and controls. Since the water heater functions when it converts the energy it gets from the sun, expect that your electricity consumption will reduce. Most of the time, it’s deemed that this kind of heater can curtails your electric bill to 80% lower.

Aside from that this, there are certain advantages a homeowner obtains when they opt for this kind of heater. One of the benefits is the incentive they get from the federal government. On the other hand, keep in mind that the government will provide incentives to that household who are qualified to the specific requirements. When you apply for this, you get the papers that you need to process from that officer that conducted the installation process of your solar water heater.

  1. Tankless water heater

Aside from being called as tankless water heater, the unit is also known as the Instantaneous water heater. In contrast to storage water heater that makes heat loss, tankless water only heats and provide hot water when it’s needed. The water can be heating through the use of a gas a burner or an electric element. Since this unit is tankless, homeowners don’t have to wait any more for their water to be heated since right when your open your taps and shower, hot water will instantly gush out. To fill it, cold water will penetrate the unit when the tap is on.