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One of the appliances that you should need in your household is a water heater. This should always be on the list when you to your local store for some new stuff. On the other hand, before buying a brand new unit, you should know the type of water heaters and its different functions so that you’ll know which one is suitable for you. Additionally, you should consider the size and the energy required to operate it. To provide further information about the subject, here are some common units found in the market:
Solar water heater

One thing about having a solar water heater is that it gets an unlimited energy from the sun. Thus, heating your water doesn’t really need electricity. Moreover, the solar water heater has two known kinds: the active and passive water heater system. The distinction is that the former has all the circulating pumps and controls needed to operation the unit while the latter neither have controls nor pumps. The most common reason why people opt for this water heater is because it will curtail your electricity bill to 80% after a month of using it. However, this is also helpful to the environment since it will avert factors that will encourage global conditions. Lastly, if you think that’s all you get from choosing this water heater, you’re wrong. After the installation of the water heater, the installation officer will give you some papers to sign and process in order for you to get benefits from the government.
Tankless water heater system

Compared to storage water heater, this type of water heater only heats the water when it is needed. Thus, there will be no energy loss in the situation. There are two ways in heating the water, either using an electric element or making use of a gas burner. When you opt for this kind of system, you don’t need for the water to be heated since it heats the water right away. All you have to do is turn on your tap so the water will flow into the unit. Also, this heater is also known as an instantaneous water heater.
Storage water heater system

This is also known to be the traditional type of water heater in the market. Similar to some other type of water heater, this type of system has a separate tank that can store up to 80 gallons of water. Also, this is where the water is heated. Typically, the system can be powered through using electricity, liquid propane or natural gas models. When using liquid propane and natural gas, this would only cost you little compared to using electricity. Like any other unit, the setback here is that it creates heat loss due to the fact that the water is continually heated within. With this kind of situation, there is so much energy wasted especially when you aren’t using your taps for hot water.