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The solar water heater system uses the sun’s energy to heat water or even your living space. So, if you are using a solar-powered heating system, there are things that you should know about it. Yes, it just basically catches the solar energy and converts that energy to make it more useful and efficient in your household. But, the solar water heater system has 2 types of solar collectors that have specific characteristics and processes. You should probably know these things as the amount of hot water you can consume daily may depend on the type of solar collector you’ll be using.

Flat Plate Collectors

This type of solar collector is the most commonly used in residential homes for water heating and space heating. It is basically made up of an insulated metal box, a transparent cover, a frame, and a dark-coloured absorbing plate. Due to its components, only a little amount of heat discharged by the absorber escapes the cover of the flat plate collector. The use of the transparent cover is to prevent the wind and breeze from carrying the collected heat away and also helps the frame to protect it from the dangerous weather conditions. The absorbing plate then takes in the solar radiation into its system and transfer it to a fluid that is coursing through the collector tubes. The flat plate collector is cheaper and easy to install but its function is limited according to the climate.

Evacuated Tube Collectors

This solar collector is like a vacuum that has an absorber strip which is located in an evacuated and pressure-proofed glass tube. The accumulated heat is transferred directly to the U-tube through the absorber. The several tubes that are interconnected make up the solar collector. The heat pipe collector contains a special fluid which can evaporate even at a low temperature. However, in order to make the process of condensing and vaporizing function better, the pipes should be placed at a right angle. This type of solar collector works more efficiently than the flat plate collector because of its high absorber temperature and low radiation. This is also more efficient and can function well even on cloudy days. The high temperature of the absorber can be acquired for hot water heating, air conditioning and even for steam production.

Given this information, you can fully decide on what type of solar water heating system you are going to use at home. But remember, the other one may be cheaper but nothing beats an efficient and long-lasting solar-powered water heater system. Choose wisely!