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Hot Water Safety in Elizabeth Bay

Stella had been the manager of the childcare centre in Elizabeth Bay for almost 5 years and it was due for a workplace health and safety review again. She decided to enrol herself in a WHS course so that she was able to deliver a safe environment for the children under her care as well as her dedicated staff.

The class was full of like-minded people all wanting to do their best to maintain quality childcare. The lecturer was a former plumber so he was well versed in all thing plumbing. The topic after lunch was hot water. He was talking a Thermostatic mixing valve that ensured children aren’t scolded.

All hot water delivery outlets must provide safe hot water to comply with the HOSPLAN Codes of Practice and the Australian Standards AS 4032 in child care facilities he advised. He went on to deliver some statistics that were rather shocking.

Each year in Australia, an average of 1800 children suffer scald burns requiring admission to hospital and one in five are due to exposure to hot tap water. To prevent occurrence of Legionnaire’s disease all hot water systems must produce at temperatures between 60°C and 70°C. Scald burns can be severe, and sometimes life threatening; skin grafting is required in about 20% of all scald cases. Thermostatic mixing valves blend this hot water with cold water to provide a safe water temperature at the desired outlets.

One of the attendees asked about water temperature and the lecturer explained that a child can receive a full thickness scald in 30 seconds if the temperature is 55°C and it only takes one second if the water is set at 60°C. The Control setting for a Hot Water Tempering Valve is 50°C or less which means that it would take on average 5 minutes or more to receive a nasty burn.

Thermostatic mixing valves require checking by a licenced plumber annually and it is a requirement from the Work Cover Authority of NSW that temperature checks should be checked monthly and recorded in a logbook. As a duty of care to your staff and children in your care the hot water temperature should be checked each month. We can train your staff how to perform these checks to ensure your staff and the children in your care have safe hot water.

This concludes today’s lecture, if you have any questions please feel free to ask and take an information brochure before you leave.

Stella wanted to ensure her facility was up to code so she booked a plumber from Your Neighbourhood Plumber Elizabeth Bay to check the thermostatic mixing valve compliant. He also was able to fix a few dripping taps while he was there thus saving the facility some money on water bills.

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