Plumberelizabethbay Sump Pump

There are plenty of plumbing devices that homeowners use for their household. Some plumbing fixtures are easy to spot like tap ware, bathtubs, and sinks. Others are difficult to see like a sump pump. It’s easy to understand that sump pumps aren’t always on people’s mind. After all, it’s located in the basement which is rarely visited. Some houses don’t even have any sump pump. This plumbing tool is very important for your basement. For those who don’t have a sump pump yet; read more of the article to know its importance and advantages.
1. Prevent extensive flooding in the basement

The occurrence of basement flooding can be caused by numerous reasons. The reason for flooding could be from heavy downpour, busted pipe, sewer clog, etc. A sump pump can dispose the excess water volume. It doesn’t matter what’s the cause of the flooding; the sump pump will be able to drain out the water. Basements that don’t have a sump pump are more prone to flooding. You must avoid basement flooding as much as you can since it causes a lot of problems. Not to mention the strenuous amount of work that needs to be done to clean the whole basement.
2. Stops mould and mildew from growing

Mould and mildew are prevalent in surfaces that have plenty of moisture. Sump pump expels water and lowers the humidity in the basement. As you might have guessed, lower humidity means no moulds and other fungus will develop. After a basement flood, it will only take 48 hours for mould and mildew to grow. Clean and dehumidify your basement after the water disperses. The sump pump can definitely aid in removing excess water but you still need to do some precautions. Dry and dehumidify your basement, just to be sure there are no moisture left for the mould to grow onto.
3. Lower the chances of fire hazard

Worrying about fire hazards during flooding might sound far out but there’s truth behind it. You see, there are electrical outlets and devices placed in the basement. If water interacts with these electric utilities then it will probably cause a fire. The risk of having a fire hazard increases if the more electrical devices you place in the basement. As mentioned earlier, a sump pump reduces flooding and lowers the risk of fire hazards. We still advise not to place any electrical fixtures in the basement for your safety.
4. Tips in installing a sump pump

Installing the sump pump on your own might sound like an easy DIY work but it’s actually the opposite. There are many things that could go wrong during a DIY installation. You should have professionals do the installation to avoid trouble. Professionals can also provide advice on choosing the best sump pump. They will also be able to help you pick the unit that’s suitable for your budget and needs. Plumbing professionals will most likely tell you to install a secondary sump pump. These secondary sump pumps acts as an emergency device if ever the first one fails.