Gas Leak

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous events that could ever happen in your household. If it’s not fixed immediately, it could lead to serious accidents. The first thing that comes to mind with this type of leaks is the possibility of explosions, but people tend to forget that it can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t endanger everyone in your household; learn how to prevent gas leaks from ever happening with these tips.

Make sure the Gas Line is Properly Fitted/Installed

One of the main cause of gas leaks is the poor installation of the gas line. Without a proper set-up, the seals may have a number of leaks that allow the gas to escape. This is something that can be easily overlooked by anyone who is not familiar with gas lines. Don’t just hire random gas engineers to install or repair the gas line; always go for the more experienced bunch. Yes, they’re definitely more expensive but keep in mind that their service is top notch and you’re ensured that your gas line is properly installed. Experts who do gas installations always test the gas pipes after the installation to make sure that it fits well and doesn’t have any leak.

Double Check Second-Hand Fixtures

There are cases in which it’s not the gas line that’s causing the problem but the fixtures. When you’re fitting gas line into a second-hand appliance be sure the fixture is not broken or defective. A faulty fixture can be the cause of gas leaks since its input for the gas lines are destroyed and become the outlet for the leakage.

Detection for Enclosed Gas Spaces

Gas companies added a safety feature in which the gas system will produce a ‘rotten egg’ smell to serve as a warning for gas leaks since gas is odourless. However, for those of you who have gas pipes that need to be placed in an enclosed space, it will be difficult or even impossible to smell the emergency odour. You need to set-up a gas leak detection system that has alarms and automatic valve shut down. This security system is important for your gas pipes since you will be unable to smell the “rotten egg” of the gas leak.

Occasional Check Ups

Even if the gas line is properly installed, an occasional inspection is needed to make sure that the gas lines are in good condition. Gas pipes are just like your waterline and sewer pipes, it will age and become damaged as time passes. Check-ups must be conducted by a qualified plumber or gas line expert.

What Will I Do if Gas Leaks Happen?

In case of gas leaks, leave the vicinity and then call a gas company or better yet, the emergency number in your local area. Don’t plug or unplug any type of electrical fixture or device, even the light switch. Sparks can be produced which in turn, can cause explosions. Flammable or explosive items should be far away from the gas line but always prioritise your safety and get out the premises as soon as you can.