Some homeowners prefer drinking tap water since it’s convenient and more economical than always purchasing bottled water. However, it’s problematic if there is dirt or residue found in the water. Not only is it unsettling to see but it does pose some health issues if you’re continually drinking from a water supply that has a lot of scum. Keep your drinking water clean by learning how to expel dirt and other impurities in your tap water.

Dust and Debris in the Water

If your water source is a well then the dust and debris coming out from your tap water is likely coming from the source. In other cases, the soil must have entered the plumbing system of your house. A water main break may also be the cause of the impurities in the water supply so be sure to ask the water department in your area if they already knew that there is a water break . Installing a filter system or repairing the damaged water line are the primary solutions for this type of problem.

Metallic Particles

Water supply in some areas may have high volume of hard water. This hard water has a great amount of minerals found in its liquid composition. Most of the time the mineral is invisible but in some parts of the country, there are black and metallic flecks floating in the water due to the immense mineral concentration. The minerals that are causing this are iron and manganese. You can’t do anything with the hard water content in the city supply line but that doesn’t mean there is no solution. You can filter out or even remove the excess minerals by adding a water softener in your main water supply. This helps alter the mineral content before it enters to your household’s plumbing system.

Carbon in the Water

The water filter is the best solution in getting rid of dirt and debris in the water supply, but did you know that the filter can also become the source of debris? The carbon content of the filter can be break due to wear and tear. The bits of the broken carbon will definitely mix with the water line. Of course, not all filters use carbon. Anyway, to stop the pieces of carbon from entering the water supply, you need to either fix or replace the filter/cartridge as soon as possible.

Rubber Pieces

Plumbing fixtures like the water heater often have rubber tubes in its structure. Unfortunately, these rubber pieces often break off and get carried by the water. This occurrence can happen if you constantly treat your water supply with chlorine. Chlorine’s properties can easily disintegrate the rubber tubes especially if it’s always exposed to the chemical. Repairing the rubber tubes is not ideal which means you have no other choice but to install a new rubber pipe.


Rust occurs when the metal pipes of your water line are corroded due to old age. Changing your pipes to PVC or epoxy is the best solution as these materials mentioned won’t rust due to the absence of metallic properties.