emergency-plumbingNoises from different plumbing fixtures are normal in all homes, as they indicate that water is flowing through them. But there are noises that indicate problems with at least one plumbing part. One such example is moaning, which, at times, can be due to a broken toilet fill valve or ballcock. The noise can also be due to setting the water pressure too high. A skilled plumber can fix this problem quickly, but before making the call, the issue must first be properly diagnosed and assessed.

How to Check Water Pressure

Make sure that water pressure does not exceed 80 PSI (pounds per square inch). To measure the water pressure, get a pressure gauge that has a hose adapter. Then switch off every fixture in the house (including dishwashers and washing machines) for a more accurate reading. Once you have done this, attach the gauge to an outlet, and once in place, switch on the water leading to that outlet, and read the pressure. Note the reading down, switch the water off, and disconnect the gauge.

How to Fix the Pressure

If you have found out that the pressure reading is too high, get a pressure regulator installed to protect plumbing from pressure damage as well as reduce any plumbing noises. Set the regulator so the water pressure in your plumbing will be 60 PSI, and check if the noise stops.

You Should Also Check the Fill Valve

If the toilet fill valve is broken or worn out, pipes may moan. Other noises considered as signs of the problem are wailing, a foghorn-like sound, and humming. To find the fill valve in the tank, open the tank and look at the bottom. In many toilet models, a metal rod goes up to support both the float arm and float ball.

Testing the Fill Valve

Once you have found the fill valve, it is time to check its condition. To do this, shut off the water to every toilet in the home and reopen them one by one until you hear the noise. Check for the source of the noise and hire the services of a plumbing company to replace that toilet’s fill valve for you.

Another way to test the fill valve is by lifting the ballcock out the water while another starts a tap. The tap to be turned on should be one that makes noise when it runs. If doing this stops the noise, the fill valve of the toilet must be replaced immediately. This method is great if toilet shutoff valves are not easily accessible.

Hire the Right Plumbers

These days, there are many plumbing companies you can call for assistance. The thing is, many of them are not that reliable. As a matter of fact, a good number of them are not insured and licensed! So if you want to avoid the services of a shady company, it is best to look beyond the Internet when searching (after all, websites are easy to make nowadays) and ask those in the construction industry for names of plumbing companies instead.

After gathering at least five names of plumbing companies, give them a call to see how well they can handle your plumbing problem.