If you notice things like water heater leakage, blocked drains or low water pressure, it’s advisable to hire a plumber to immediately correct the issue. However, it can be a bit intimidating to allow someone you don’t know well to come into your home. Like other professions, not all plumbers can provide the same level of professional service and integrity ,and so it’s important to look for certain qualities before hiring anyone.


Finding a good plumber


1. Do they have the necessary qualifications?

Plumbing is typically a very complex area that can only be handled by individuals with the relevant skills and knowledge. If you pick someone who hasn’t had any training in the field, chances are that the problem will not be fixed, and a bigger problem might even be generated .Thus, you should make sure that the plumber you pick is highly qualified.


2. Do they have insurance coverage?

Before hiring any plumber, it’s good to confirm their insurance credentials. Ask to be provided with a proof of valid and current liability as well as workmen’s compensation insurance. If you hire a contractor without an insurance coverage, you might be liable for any damage to your property or injuries to the technician that occur as the job is being done.


3. Are they certified?

Certification shows that a plumber has gone through all the proper training and courses necessary to work in the field. It should be one of the things you ask about when you meet the plumber.


4. How long have they been in practice?

While training is important, it cannot teach a plumber everything. A plumber who has several years experience handling different plumbing repair projects is usually better than one who is fresh in the field.


5. Do they provide references?

A professional plumber will have many happy clients whom he or she can provide as references. This can help you get a neutral picture of the technician and help you make an informed decision.