Acquiring a plumbing license requires hours of training. After that, plumbers need to gather more experience in order to become more reputable and renowned in the plumbing business. Having more experience also opens better job opportunities for them. Apart from a demanding job, they are also exposed to hazards; depending on the type of job they’re assigned. Here are some of the top hazards plumber’s faces in their line of work.

1.Hand Injuries

Let’s start off with the most obvious risk a plumber is exposed to each day–hand injuries. Despite the rise of more powerful and steady electrical power tools, nothing beats using traditional equipment as it still proves to be more useful and effective. The downside with these traditional tools is that it can cause injury. Even experienced plumbers still get cuts and bruises from these types of tools. Apart from the injuries, musculoskeletal disorders are another concern. There are suggestions in the plumbing industry to use soft-coated tools to ease the stress on the hands.


2.Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are another hazard that plumbers face. There will always be a threat of sparks, water bursts, and foreign objects flying into the eyes when doing plumbing repairs each day. This is why plumbers should always wear safety goggles or other forms of eye protection.


3.Tackling Mould Infestations

There are times when plumbers have no choice but to brave through bathrooms that are infested with moulds in order to repair some fixtures. Some homeowners are unaware that having a mould infestation is unsanitary and can cause health problems. The spores can cause eyes irritation, respiratory problems, and in some cases, breathing difficulties. This is why plumbers advise owners to get rid of this fungus as soon as possible. Extra protection is always recommended when entering a room that has extreme mould growth. Wearing covers like gloves, long sleeves, and respirators are highly recommended for plumbers who are tackling these types of problems.


4.Electrical and Flammable Hazards

It’s a common misconception that plumbers only have to deal with clogged drains or toilet problems. You see, they’re also exposed to fire and electrical hazards. For example: plumbers offer services like installing and repairing gas lines, which can be dangerous under unfavourable circumstances. The threat of gas leaks that can potentially cause massive explosions is one of the greatest hazards a plumber can face. Electrical hazards are another thing plumbers should worry about. One good example would be water heater repairs because of possible water leaks and short circuits.



Plumbers can be exposed to infections, especially those who are assigned work involving sewer lines. Sewers are abundant with human waste, toxic chemicals, methane, rat waste, and other noxious materials. Unfortunately for some plumbers, it’s their job to traverse into the mass concentration of filth. It’s not just the sewers that can cause infections but toilets as well. Some plumbers report that they sometimes recover medical needles from a clogged toilet. The potential infections coming from the needle are very alarming, there’s a possibility that the needle is infected with HIV, hepatitis, tetanus, necrotising fasciitis, etc.