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More than half of the homeowners forget to include the sewer maintenance in their to clean list during the weekends which is why most damages that occur in the plumbing systems are in or have something to do with the sewer lines. If your sewer line does not show any signs of damage, this does not mean that it is completely okay and that you can now stop with the maintenance and precautionary measures. Remember that the maintenance costs would not take up at least half of the repair costs that is required when the sewer lines gets too damaged. In order to prevent damages to your pipelines, you have to take really good care of it and what better way to do that than knowing and practicing effective maintenance tips.

Here are preventive measures that are both effective and easy to do to keep your plumbing systems and sewer lines in tiptop condition:

1. CCTV Camera Inspection for the Sewer Pipe

For cleaning the sewer pipes thoroughly, using a CCTV Camera is the apt too. The inspections are a deal more efficient, accurate and easy when you use plumbing cameras. This will help you solve the problems that are hidden inside the pipe. As you are able to see the exact condition of the interior pipe, you are sure that you spot every possible problem, even the ones that are too small to create major damage. By doing this step, you will be able to do the necessary remedies to stop the damage before it gets out of hand or to make sure that they do not develop into full-blown plumbing issues. Worst case scenario is that this could cause your plumbing system to fail and deteriorate.

For problems like this, it is advisable that you approach a plumbing professional for the right kind of solution instead of trying to fix the problem on your own. It is because, although, you see exactly what is happening inside the pipe through the CCTV camera, you need the expertise of a season plumber to fix the problem properly. Also, a pipe camera can be more helpful if you need to know the damage yet you cannot risk being exposed to the harmful substances inside the pipelines.

2. Chemical Solutions and Treatments

When maintaining or repairing a plumbing system, make sure that you consider that the pipes also contains chemicals and other harmful solutions inside that can cause many health issues when inhaled or touched by the skin. Strong chemicals may bring corrosion and corruption to your plumbing system. These are the primary roots for corrosion and plumbing disasters. When the interior is already corroded, it is only a matter of time before the plumbing system fails and shuts down. As soon as the pipe experiences even the slightest problem, if it continues to be like that, the problem could lead to pipe blockage or damage in a long run.

3. Rodding

If the chemicals settle in the pipes, they create a build-up. Unlike other build-ups and blockages that are pretty easy to fix, sediment build-ups tend to harden and adhere itself to the walls of the pipe. In order to take out the blockage caused by sediment buildup that doesn’t seem to budge even using a plumbing snake. Fortunately, there are rodding tools for problems like these. You can either push the blockage further into the drain or pull it out of the system.

4. Hydro Jet Cleaning

Another means of maintaining the health of the pipelines, you have to keep it clean and functioning properly. Hydro jets cater to that purpose to perfection. It is useful in removing build-ups and blockage that are caused by minerals, grease and sediments to maintain the plumbing system. The high water pressure is enough to keep the plumbing pipes and sewer lines clean.