emergency plumber1Okay, your water heater just stops pouring hot water, letting you take a bath in cold morning liquid rush, and your toilet fails to drain the bubbling water remnant of your personal restroom activity. You want to get these plumbing emergencies fixed because you do not want to be late. Given the immediacy of the situation, you type in keywords of do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing fix via Google, only to fail on your first try. It would be too late, considering your work schedule at 9 a.m., for you to realize you should have called a professional plumber.

Remember that you are not a superhero or a super villain in a childish fantasy movie. You are an adult trying to make things in life easier for your busy career and hectic schedules. It may sometimes be tempting to do things on your own, given the value of independence you’ve cultivated in yourself since college years and the instant glorification you maybe wanting to experience in yourself, but there are just situations that should be deemed out of your hands.

It may only consume a minute or two for you to grab the phone and dial the contact number of your neighbourhood plumber, wherever you are in Sydney. Please do so, especially in the following situations.

Problems on hot water systems

Did the water temperature suddenly rise, making you fear for possible scalding risks on your skin or other waterborne disease? The problem might have something to do with the temperature & pressure valve, also known as T&P valve, but wait, the activity is risky for a person who has not undergone proper training on the matter.

Water heaters involve machinery, tanks, processing systems and other complex parts you may not know about. You do not have to repair it your way, unless you are a licenced plumber yourself.

You can help maintain the water heater, especially when it comes to the accumulation of sediment and the loose grip of the drain valve, but not its total repair once the damage is severe. Call a plumber.

Clogged toilet or sink

Yes, you have a plunger, baking soda and their plumbing-loving, problem-solving friends. They cannot solve all things alone, though. Everybody has a specialty. In cases when the mentioned items do not work, it is better to call a plumber.

Seeking professional help often saves your time, effort, money and emotions. There should be an emphasis on the last word of the previous sentence as there are some women who get irked with a clogged toilet that does not surrender to their plunger. Take good care of your heart, sweetie. Call your hero for the day, the plumber.

When pipes freeze

            Australia has something to be proud of with its climate. Although there are places where solar panels can be installed due to its location advantage, the days are not always so sunny ever year.

As temperatures in the environment plunge, so do your pipes. You have to thaw these pipes once seen, especially because failure to properly thaw the pipes may lead to sudden cracks or bursts.

If a frozen pipe is your problem, please, do not risk everything for its welfare. You may even incur water damage. Your favourite plumbing professional is always better than you on this stuff.

These are just three of the many plumbing emergencies needed to be attended to by a plumbing nurse. Call your neighbourhood plumber, okay?