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Do you have any Plumbing Emergency? Your Emergency Plumbing Problems Solved Fast! Fast response, 24hr/365 days and we only charge from the time of arrival. Over 125,000 home emergencies attended every year!

All our emergency plumbing engineers are able to tackle any 24 hour plumbing, heating, or drainage emergency including:

  • Hot Water emergencies
  • Drain blockage emergencies
  • Leaks and burst pipes

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Emergency Plumbing Elizabeth Bay

Bill’s wife Deanna had been driving him made for ages to have garden lights installed in their front garden. He knew that it wouldn’t be cheap so he kept dodging the issue with her whenever the subject came up. They were out on a Sunday afternoon drive when Deanna spotted a lighting shop having a closing down sale. Bill let’s stop and have a look for some garden lights. Bill was trapped he had no choice but to stop or be nagged all of the way home. He sighed and pulled the car into the car park.

In the showroom his mood began to change. All of the lights on display were so nice that he now shared Deanna’s thoughts of how nice they would look in their garden. She picked out a few ones that she liked and then they spoke to the sales rep. He suggested some tall bollards would suit the area of garden they described. The lights were 50% off so Bill liked that and they fit in the car so no delivery charge required.

Deanna spent time getting quotes from electricians to install the lights and Bill was a bit surprised how much the lights would cost. He decided to try and save some money by digging the trench for the power himself. He spent the next few weekends excavating the trench as set out by the electricians.

There were a lot of trees in the garden so he expected to encounter a lot of tree roots. The mattock hit what he thought was another think root, he swung the mattock again and then cringed as he realised he had hit something metallic. As the trench started to fill with water he realised what it was, the water pipe!

He hurried inside and called to Deanna to phone the plumber he had just struck the water pipe. Lucky she knew that Your Neighbourhood Plumber was the perfect person to call during a plumbing emergency and got straight on the phone.

The plumber arrived and turned off the water main while he effected repairs on the pipe. He turned the water back on and helped Bill safely dig around that section of pipe before leaving.

Need a plumber for an Elizabeth Bay Emergency Repair? Call our 24 hour service on 0488 886 337 for all of your plumbing emergencies in Elizabeth Bay.

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