Nearly 7 out of 10 homeowners will experience a blocked drain every year. Having a blocked drain gives people headache. It leaves our sinks and toilets unable to drain that could lead to an overflowing sink with a terrible foul odour. A blocked drain is indeed a big problem to households. This is usually because of the things we tend to flush in our sinks and toilets. There are many factors that causes blockage. The following are the common causes of blocked drains:

  • Hair

  • This is commonly found in toilet sinks and bathrooms. Usually, there are falling hair every time you comb your hair . You might think that hair is too delicate to cause any blocked drain. But, this can be a major blockage problem when you do it routinely. As the build-up grows over time, it gets worse that it can stop water from passing through the plug hole. It normally intertwines with other objects in the pipes that creates a large blockage. In this case, you might as well check regularly if there are hairs in and around your toilet sinks and bathrooms. Make it as a daily routine to prevent blockage.

  • Toiletries

  • The most common cause to a blocked drains are the flushed toiletries. Some examples for toiletries are toilet papers and baby items such as wipes and nappies. Toilet papers, as we all know, is designed to be flushed in the toilet. We realise at the latter part that this can be a blockage problem when done routinely. It is important to minimise or refrain from flushing toilet papers in the toilet. Instead, throw it in a trash can to avoid blockage. In addition, baby wipes and nappies are not made to be put down toilets. They do not disperse in water unlike toilet papers. With this, there is a higher chance of having a blocked drain. The best way to free your toilet from clogs is to throw toiletries in a trash can. Cleaning regularly will also make the water flow smoothly.

  • Grease and Fat

  • Grease and fat are known for their sticky properties. Despite being a common cause of blockage, these fatty substances are in fact the easiest to prevent. Fatty substances usually get dry and stick to side of the pipes when washed down the sink. When done regularly, it results to a blockage that no liquid can pass through.. To prevent this, one must pay attention on what is being washed down the sink or have a separate can to dispose some residual grease.

  • Foreign Objects

  • Odd foreign objects end up being flushed down the drain such as food, toys, sanitary items and even valuables. The common contributor for the toys is your children. They usually throw it in the toilet and flush it down. These materials do not dissolve causing the toilet to become clogged. Households must have a serious attention on the things being flushed down in the toilet. More importantly, you must keep an eye on your children to avoid blocked drains.