A blocked drain is a plumbing problem commonly encountered by homeowners in Australia. Having blockage problems in your drains could be time consuming and expensive. It may be easy to be cleared but we can’t deny the fact that it is a great headache to deal with.. Aside from that, it produces an awful odour which may be harmful to your family’s health. However, these problems can be avoided. Prevention will always be better than cure. By this means, it can help you get rid of spending much time and money and also free from stress. Drain blockages can be avoided by following some essential tips.

  • Clean Regularly
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness! This tip is not new to anyone of us. Cleaning should be a daily routine in order to have a cleaner and safer environment. One must learn to clean their surroundings regularly to enjoy home’s comfort and to be free from sickness. If you would clean your drains regularly, you would have a chance to prevent culprits from flushing down your drains. Drains must be checked and cleaned regularly.

  • Install a Mesh Screen
  • This is the easiest and most effective tip to retain a clog-free drain. Mesh screen is a big help to you in avoiding drain blockages. Cover the drain’s opening with this screen to minimize these problems. It limits unnecessary things that causes blockage from flushing down your drains. It filters hair and some other gunk which prevent these things from getting in your drains. Installed screens over drains could keep hair from entering your drains. With this, you can pull the loose hair after every shower. Take good care also of these strainers by cleaning it frequently.

  • Drain, Not a Trash Can
  • It is quite normal for humans to throw anything anywhere not until problem arises. Maybe some stuff such as toilet papers are designed to be flushed down the toilet, but flushing too much of it could cause blockage. Children tend to throw anything in the toilet and flush them down which can block the flow of waste water in your drain. Keep large things such as food, toys, toiletries and other stuff away from your drain to avoid blockage. Provide a trash can where you can dispose your garbage instead of washing them all down your drain. Though grease and fats are liquid, it can still be a cause to the blockage of your drain. It gets and sticks to the side of your pipes causing the draining process to slow down. Always be mindful on what is flushed or washed down your drains.