It is upsetting to unplug the kitchen sink drain and see only standing water. A common kitchen plunger is an inexpensive tool to own and is simple to use in those situations. The long handle provides a good gripping area for the user once the plunger portion is sealed against the drain.


If you have a pair of safety glasses, put them on to avoid getting water or other residue in your eyes. A water level of about 4 inches provides a good amount of force as the plunger is pushed downwards. Bring the water up to that level if it is less. The right amount of effort provides pressure to loosen the blockage and let the water drain. Follow this procedure by turning on the hot water tap to send hot water down the drain for 5 minutes.


Washing butter, fat and oil from pans and dishes increases the amount of grease left in the water. Those fats and oils clog to the sides of the pipes which causes other things washed down the drain to accumulate and cause blockage. At times like this, homeowners usually set down the plunger and use a snake. This auger is a flexible wire that is pushed down the drain to break up the blockage. It has limited reach and will do nothing about any problem in the main sewer line.


Reach under the sink and remove the trap, as cleaning it will eliminate obnoxious odors and sludge. Your kitchen slate impression floor will stay clean when covered by a towel while you work on the sink. A protective cover eliminates a great deal of the cleanup required after repair of a plumbing problem.


With the different things that can create a drainage problem, more than a plunger might be needed. That is when the homeowner makes an emergency call to the plumber for assistance. With a reach of 200 feet, the plumber’s snake handles many problems. Heavily blocked drains need the strength of machinery. This machine should only be operated by someone trained in the correct way of using it. Avoid injury to yourself and others by letting an experienced professional work in this type of machine.


Things liked packed lines are quick to clean out when the plumber uses this forceful equipment to tear into the blockage. Sometimes roots break through the pipes running into the street and create a barrier to water flowing in. Roots and tangles are eliminated quickly by those using this commercial grade snake.