Wastewater from kitchen sinks, toilet, bathtubs and floor drains are smelly and messy which you don’t want that to stay on your drainage system at home. We all want that messy stuff to drain away and not bring too much trouble. All drainage systems function well according to its purpose but there are the times they seem to block that wastewater from draining away. This is a common problem at home, but do you know you can solve it by yourself? No need for professional plumbers for now as long as you know what to do and what tools to use. Here are simple ways to guide you in dealing with your clogged drainage system at home.

Tools to Use

First you need to visit a hardware store nearest you. Plumbing tools to use in getting rid of blocked drainage are readily available in hardware stores at a very reasonable price. A plunger is your trusted tool at times of clogged drains in sinks, toilets and tubs. As a homeowner, it is also a need to keep one at home.

Another tool is a plumber’s snake or cable auger. This is a long steel cable which is flexible enough to reach clogged drains which are in far drainpipes or impossible to reach.

Clearing the toilet blockage requires a specialized tool known as a closet auger. It is an angled and bent auger designed to fit in toilet trap and its tight curves. Make sure you know how to use those tool in order to effectively get rid of block drains.

Start Unclogging Sinks, Bathtubs and Toilet

Start with the most common problem in the house which is a clogged sink. Get the plunger and fill up the sink halfway with water. The water it will drain effectively when you get rid of the blockage. A up and down vigorous motion with a plunger will do the job. Don’t stop until the water from the sink drains down. If the water drains it means the blockage is gone, but if not continue with the up and down movement. If the plunger doesn’t work, use the cable auger to go down father the clogged pipes.This method also goes with bathtubs. One main reason of clogs in bathtubs are build-up hair falls and small bits of soap. You must use the plunger first and if it doesn’t work, use the cable auger.

Clearing out toilets are more challenging, this time you need to use the closet auger. Run the closet auger into the toilet until you clear the blockage. You need to flush the drain pipe and if flushes all the way down, then your toilet is clear from blockage.

These are only simple guideline that may be performed at home. Always remember that you’re not a pro so it would be better to call a licensed plumber when your attempts of unclogging drainage are unsuccessful. It may be helpful to know some tricks to get away with block drainage but if you can’t do it alone always seek help from professional plumbers.