Plumberelizabethbay Blocked Drains

One of the most common nuisances in our plumbing system is when our drains are malfunctioning due to objects that obstruct the passage, thus creating clogging issues. Clogging issues aren’t just a complications, it could also affect the health of your family members as well the comfort in stating within the household due to the foul smell. To help you get rid of the problem, here are some basic tips:

Use a stainless strainer

Perforated sheets or sink strainers are utilised to filter particles and objects from passing through into your water system. For bathroom drains, these objects include shampoo and soap froth and hair. On the other hand, for sink drains, leftovers should also be strained to avoid these objects from hindering the flow of water that could result to clogs and backflow.

Run hot water into drains

As being mentioned in the first tip, sink strainers filter object to refrain them from getting in the drain. However, the strainer can’t filter fat, oil and grease. When the FOG substances pass through the drain, it will likely to stick on to the pipe’s surface and accumulate it inside until water is deprived to pass through. If you have already flushed down the aforementioned substances, however, clog issues haven’t occurred yet, you can pour down hot water in your drains once every few days to dissolve the oil. This serves as a preventive action against clog and other draining from taking place.

Check your bathtub stoppers often

We all know that we take a bath, some strands of our hair fall down. This maybe nothing at first, however, if you have found that your drain starts to clog due to the strands of hair, it’s a bit disappointing that neglected this at the first place. The strands will tangle within the pipelines and obstruct it. One way to solve the issue is to inspect your bathtub stoppers and get rid of the soap and hair strands that are building up. Bent wire hanger can be a big help in this situation.

Be mindful of what goes down your kitchen sinks

Grease, coffee grinds and leftovers should never pass through your kitchen sinks. The aforementioned are the top causes of drainage obstruction that results to clog and backflows. Due to various technological advancements, grease traps and garbage disposals are devised. Grease traps are created to separate grease and oil from the other while the garbage disposal is made to shred down large pieces of food, fruit and vegetable peel it wouldn’t cause any obstruction in the drain.

Avert the repetitive usage of chemical-based cleaners

Since it is dubbed as “drain cleaner”, people opt to use chemical-based cleaners to remove all the factors that cause drain issues. On the other hand, what most homeowners probably don’t know is that the chemicals can corrode the interior surface of your metal pipes. Thus, it will wear off easily and causes leakage in the piping system. Also, when the chemical is mixed with the other obstructions inside, it creates a chemical reaction that produces foul smell. To avoid this from happening, stop from using chemical-based cleaners and switch with other options.

Plumbing system should be regularly checked

For prevention purposes, hire a licensed plumber to inspect your entire plumbing system for at least once every few months. With this, it will avoid from facing plumbing problems that require expensive service fees in the future.