Garbage disposals are an effective means in controlling waste in the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, some people don’t bother to clean this device. The result is the garbage disposal being clogged or produce unbearable odour. This device might be able to remove the waste in your kitchen but the food residue can still stick at its inner linings. Foul odour develops after the stagnated food waste begins to rot. Here are some tips on how to remove odour from the disposal unit.

1.Thoroughly Clean the Opening

The first course of action you must take is to cleanse the opening of the garbage disposal. You see, there are times when the odour doesn’t originate from the inner part of the disposal. It may be that some food particles are stuck on the lid and is causing the smell. Cleaning the lid isn’t difficult; you just need a bit of soap, water and scrubbing to get rid of the food waste.


2.Baking Soda Plus Vinegar

You might have already used this mixture and/or seen it a couple of times in articles that teach how to clean drains. It’s quite a popular solution in DIY blogs and tips since it’s very efficient in cleaning drains. Basically the baking soda unclogs debris while the vinegar sanitizes the garbage disposal–eliminating the odour in the process. All you need is a cup of each of the substances and pour it into the disposal unit. Be sure to use distilled white vinegar since it has a high content of acetic acid. After all, the acetic acid is what makes the vinegar a powerful cleanser.


3.Tiny Lemon Pieces

This is a fast solution for those who want to get rid of the odour immediately. All you need to do is cut lemons into tiny pieces and just throw them into the garbage disposal when it’s crunching trash. You can also use lime or orange if you don’t have lemons readily available. The sweet scent of these fruits helps eliminate the stink. However, you need to do a thorough clean up to completely clear out the garbage disposal.


4.Ice Cubes

Surprisingly, ice cubes are quite effective in getting rid of odour in your garbage disposal. It’s the same with the lemon method; you just throw small ice cubes into the drain. The major drawback with this is that it doesn’t produce any fruity smell. The cutting blades can be cleaned by the ice cubes though, so it does have a bit of advantage aside from removing the foul odour.


5.Use Bleach

Be sure to pour mild or scented bleach into the garbage disposal. Not only does the bleach eliminate the smell, it can also unclog food debris that are stuck. It’s advisable to run cold water when pouring the bleach for a more potent effect.


6.Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

You may be faced with a problem in which there are large debris that are stuck in the disposal unit. In this case, you need to manually remove the debris with some tools or just use your own hands. Before you even begin cleaning the unit, make sure that it is turned off–even the power supply. This is to prevent the blades from spinning while you put your hands down into the disposal.