Plumberelizabethbay drain cleaner

The bathtub drain may be less messy than the kitchen drain sink, but it still can be clogged at an awful rate. Without any form of proper maintenance, the bathtub drain will get blocked and may even cause backup. If your bathtub drain has already been clogged and spattered, you can use some of the effective methods below to clean and clear it from the dirt and obstructions that have accumulated.

1. Use a drain stick

The drain stick is handy tool used for removing gunk, hair, soap, and other form of debris that are stuck in your drains. If you have a strainer or stopper you must remove it first to allow the drain stick to enter. Your strainer may be removed easily or you may need to use a screwdriver, depending on what type of strainer you have. Also, there are bathtubs that have stoppers instead of strainers, which can be easier to remove. Anyway, once you’re done removing the strainer or stopper, you can now push in the drain stick. This plumbing stick has claws and hooks that will easily grip loose hair, grime, dirt, and other residue that are stuck in the drains.

If you need to insert the drain stick again, be sure to wash off the grime and hair on the stick to avoid putting the filth back inside the drain. Once you’re done clearing the drain, put the stopper or strainer back on and double check if the drain is now fast-flowing.

2. Pour baking soda, vinegar and hot water

Again, you will first need to take out the strainer/stopper and clean it to remove the dirt that have built-up on its linings. While doing this, you can boil water since this will be used later on. Once the water is warm, pour it into the drain. This will help break up the gunk in the drains and unbind the tougher the ones that are sticking in the drain lining. Pour it slowly and make sure that whatever container you’re pouring the hot water from is close to the drain. This is to prevent the boiling water from splashing to your skin. Once you’re done pouring the boiling water, you will then need to pour ¼ cup baking soda and then a cup of white vinegar. This will cause a chemical reaction that will clear out the dirt and grime that are inside your drains. The reaction is mostly fizzling liquids so don’t panic if these happens. Give it at least 15-20 minutes to allow the baking soda and vinegar to clear out the drain. After the allotted time, pour another boiling water to clear out the drain.

3. Toilet plunger

It’s best to use the toilet plunger instead of standard flat sink plungers because the bell-shaped suction is effective in doing retention to the drain of the bathtub. For a more powerful suctioning power, you do need to remove the strainer or stopper of your bathtub drain. Run water into the drain to fill it with a bit of water and then put the plunger onto the drain. The water will help in giving suction power for the plunger. Push and pull the plunger repeatedly to take out the clogs, but be careful with the splashes and wastes that will bursts out of the drains. Repeat this process until no more dirty water or dirt is coming out from the drain.